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5 Best Restaurants In Orange County

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Looking for a place to hang out with your family? Orange County have some great spots for you. They have some of the top rated restaurants in this area. In our list of the Orange County best restaurants, we tell you where to lunch and where to dine and we can give you tips on how to save cash too.


Red Robin: If you want to head to a fun place, then Red Robin it is. The whole place is done up in bright shades and every wall has a story to say. They also have a special section for kids with balloons, balls and the works. And then, it gets even better, when Red Robin himself turns up. Birthday babies get free burgers. Yes, we agree, Red Robin is the very best at Orange County.


Claim Jumper: This place is a great spot to hang out with family. They have booths with high walls, to ensure privacy. You can specifically ask for those seats. Claim Jumper serves very large portions, so if you are dining with children then it is best to order accordingly. They also have an option where you can ask for smaller portions, at a much lesser price. Signing up online, will guarantee your kids, Little Jumper meals on their birthday.


Souplantation: Souplantation is a buffet style restaurant that offers a vast spread for people who love to eat. Kids are allowed to fill their own plates and are encouraged to try some new dishes. Their food is extremely delicious and the staff are also very friendly. One of the many reasons they made it to our list of best restaurants in Orange County.


Benihana: It is an ideal restaurant to go to with family. For one, the food is amazing and for another the chefs put up some great shows. They prepare something called the 'onion volcanoes,' which is served with rice that is shaped like a heart. Entertaining and romantic, don't you think? Well, we did say it was one of the top restaurants in Orange County. They also have something called the Ramune, which is a Japanese carbonated drink. Popping open those cans can be as much fun as relishing the drink. If you are planning to celebrate the birthday of a loved one, then sign up online to avail discounts.


Rainforest Café: What an adventure it would be to have a nice long dinner in a rainforest, surrounded by chirping birds and green trees. The restaurant also has offers plenty of action to keep the kids entertained during your meal, including a thunder storm every 22 minutes. Special seats can be reserved for kids who are afraid of the thunder showers. If you like the place, and is likely to visit again, then join their safari club for year long discounts.


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5 Best Restaurants In Orange County