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5 Best South Beach Restaurants

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South beach dining can give an incredible experience. You can find variety of cuisines here that are unavailable in typical cities. Here are 5 best south beach restaurants that offer wide selection of delicious food.Simple or basic, Tasty or exotic you will find it in South beach. 

1. Joe’s Stone Crab (seasonal):  To get the best stone crabs, come to this Classic south beach restaurant. From October to May, the stone crab season runs and you can see people waiting in a queue to taste the delicious stone crab served by them. Dark wood and shiny brass gives a special look to the place. Besides stone crabs, they serve good starters, steaks and different sea foods. Stone crab taste awesome with Joe’s mustard sauce which is very famous. Joe’s stone crab is the top restaurants in south beach.

2. Smith and Wollensky: The waterfront view is just fantastic and you can view the small and large ships passing through the Government cut shipping channel. Try to reserve the table facing the window to have a good water view. The steaks are cooked well; they are juicy, tender and are of top notch quality. The restaurant can accommodate up to 600 and if you are in the waterfront café you can enjoy the fantastic view of ships.

3. News Café:  This place is the Best tourist spot in south beach; make sure to get a seat at the outdoor patio of News café when you travel to south beach. Great place to have good food and to watch people. Middle Eastern platter, hamburgers and fruit plates are gorgeous.

4. Jimmy’s Kitchen: Tasty and fresh Puerto Rican and American food is served at reasonable price. Puerto Rican food from Jimmy‘s Kitchen is very popular and also do not miss the mofongo available on weekends. Large portions of juicy shrimp and chicken is offered.  Besides menu, check for the daily specials on the black board, they have list of daily specials on it.

5. Big Pink: As the name implies the place is very huge and nicely decorated. Even the menu is very big to hold and has plethora of dishes with decent pricing. The place is quite packed, obviously great place and good food will attract more crowds. Choosing the dishes is quite difficult since Burgers, Pizzas, Caesar salads and many more are available in the menu. Big pink is considered as the top restaurants in south beach.

To make your trip and dining memorable, visit the best south beach restaurants, surely you will fell in love with the food served.

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5 Best South Beach Restaurants