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5 Best Kansas City Restaurants

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Looking for hot food in Kansas City, then this city will never disappoint you. The 5 best Kansas City restaurants are given here to offer you a wonderful dining experience.Kansas City is filled with restaurants that will bring different flavors from across the world. 

1. Oklahoma Joe’s barbecue: This is one of the best restaurants in Kansas City offering yummy barbecues for you. The barbecues are smoked and flavored well and served with spicier and thicker sauce. The pulled pork sandwich from Oklahoma Joe’s is an anytime favorite. The meat looks pink and it comes easily from the bone as it is cooked perfectly. The restaurant is placed inside a gas station which is near a residential area. But many people from outside too visit this place as it serves well cooked tasty barbecues.

2. Blanc Burger and Bottles:  The place looks very attractive with distinct dividers and also has a long bar where you can eat or sip a chill beer. This upscale burger establishment focuses more on gourmet burgers. Try out this place with your friends; you will love the spiced lentil burger that is served with spiced yogurt and sliced cucumber.

3. Waldo Pizza:  Every body feels that this is just not an ordinary place.  Anything which you think different about a pizza will be served to you. Pizza with red sauce and cheese or with andouille sausage or with Alfredo sauce and smoked cheese and much more combinations you get to taste. Besides regular pizzas this place has vegan options too.  Among best restaurants in Kansas City, Waldo Pizza will stand out by serving creamy and tasty pizzas in different combinations.

4. Houston’s: This place is just fantastic to have American food. People who prefer sustainable food will find this restaurant appealing as they liaise with local workers and ensure that the meat, chicken and fish are of good quality and high standards. They maintain consistency, the food served is very good and you can never experience a bad meal. They have Fish sandwich, Buffalo wings, Caesar salads and other seasonal fresh vegetable salads.

5. Longboards Wraps and Bowls:  Hawaiian and Teriyaki Wraps and Bowls are served are bigger and tasty. Though they have only wraps and bowls the variety available in the menu are more. The dim lighting and surf boards placed in the restaurant makes the place look good.

The best restaurants in Kansas City offer burgers, tasty pizzas and other American food . 

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5 Best Kansas City Restaurants