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5 Best Restaurant In Dallas

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Dallas has a population over one million and it is a city that is popular for foot ball. The 5 best Restaurants in Dallas that serve variety of food adding to the fun. People know Dallas for good food as it has many restaurants serving different cuisines.

 1. The Place at Perry’s: It is considered as Dalla’s treasure, the food and service are extraordinarily that has been recognized in guides. Local business people and others find this place as their dining destination. Do you want have a long lunch or dinner else just want to grab a bite, visit The place at Perry’s best Dallas restaurant.

2. Al Biernat’s décor:  The atmosphere of the place makes you feel warm, rich wood tones and lighting accentuates the dining space. And the bar area is decorated with bright colors and usage of architectural elements creates a happy mood to it. This steakhouse offers the best food, since they make sure to select the right choice of meat with right amount of marbling.

3. Abacus: Chef Kent Rathbun opened this restaurant. It is very popular restaurant in Dallas and also it has won the America’s Best Restaurant by Zagat in the year 2009. Their menu listing is very diverse starting from American to Pacific and Mediterranean to Cajun cuisines. The wine list is very huge and have a full bar, but you need to reserve your seats in advance.

4. PF Changs China Bistro:  This one is the best Dallas restaurant offering Chinese food. The place is well decorated reflecting American and Chinese cultures. All kind of Chinese dishes both vegetarian and non vegetarian is available that are spicy, juicy and tasty.

5. Cathy’s Wok: This is another Chinese restaurant in Dallas serving authentic cuisine. Besides regular menu, they additionally serve low fat and healthy food. They stick to the proverb in Chinese that says “the first wealth is health”. You can order healthy tasty food and feel good about eating it.

Visit several places in Dallas and the best restaurants in Dallas will enhance the great dining experience.

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5 Best Restaurant In Dallas