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5 Best Restaurants In Brooklyn

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The best restaurants in Brooklyn can be rightfully termed as laid back especially when it comes to the dining experience. Despite being situated in one of the busiest metropolises of the world, the cuisine offered by the best restaurants in Brooklyn requires the diner to be relaxed while he tucks into the finest food available for a price. With each of the eateries claiming to be the best restaurant in Brooklyn we found the job of selecting the 5 best restaurants in Brooklyn a little arduous all the more so as there were so many to choose from. Take a look at the some of the best restaurants in Brooklyn which are certain to provide you with value for money.

  1. A Di La - The eatery has won over the local population with its beautifully cooked array of Venetian dishes served with superb wines. An ideal place to meet your friends, it is sure to find a place among the best restaurants in Brooklyn.

  2. Elia - Can definitely claim to be the best restaurant in Brooklyn as it recreates a quaint seaside Greek tavern which serves exquisite food. The grilled octopus is a strong favorite here with foot tapping music being played round the clock. It is sure to endear itself to all you movie buffs out there.

  3. Bacchus - One of the best restaurants in Brooklyn for sure, this small bistro elevates dining to an art with its signature dish of lamb shanks braised in red wine. The wine list can also be termed as something to die for with excellent pairings with the succulent French food being recommended by the chef.

  4. Beast - Renowned for its tapas and small plates that can easily be shared between two or more diners; the Beast deserves to be among the best restaurants in Brooklyn with its specialty of wine served in quartino glasses making it a strong contender for the spot of the best restaurant in Brooklyn.

  5. Joya - A place for the young diners to hang out, it’s atmosphere is hip and happening. The menu is standard basic American fare along with a few Thai dishes which includes the excellent Pad khing served with a ginger sauce. Regarded as one of the best restaurants in Brooklyn by the young generation.


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