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5 best Richmond Restaurants

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Richmond is a great place to be. The culture, the pace of life and the food in this city are all spectacular. On the topic of food, we have for you a list of top Richmond Restaurants. These are our favourites, and they are all in and around Richmond, Kentucky.


Tolly-Ho, 395 S. Limestone Lexington, Kentucky 40508.

Since the day it opened in 1991, it has been a favourite haunt of many youngsters and older people alike. It is also the first in our list of top restaurant in Richmond. The setting is simple and dining here is a casual affair. The prices of most items on the menu are very reasonable, but what brings in the crowd are the great sandwiches and the burgers that they serve here. The most popular one of course is the MOLT, which is short for a mushroom, onion, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. They also have something called the philly veggie ho, which is a rather unique item.


Good Foods Market & Cafe, 455 Southland Dr. Lexington, Kentucky 40503

Another restaurant that has made it to our list of top restaurants in Richmond is the Good Foods Market & Cafe. They serve a host of great tasting vegan food, and they also stock many popular vegetarian groceries.


Sahara Mediterranean Cuisine Inc, 3061 Fieldstone Way Lexington, Kentucky 40513.

Are you on the look out for some place that serves healthy food? Richmond is just the place to be. Here they have the Sahara Mediterranean Cuisine Inc, a place that serves the healthiest food in the world. They love to experiment with their cooking and has come up with many innovative dishes. The most popular items served at the restaurant includes the stuffed grape leaf meal along with the pickles, olives and peppers meal. Sahara is indeed a rated as one of the best restaurants in Richmond.


Qdoba: 429 Leighway Dr. Richmond, Kentucky 40475.

The menu here is Mexican, and the food is made from the freshest of ingredients. There are certain dishes that has pushed the buttons to get this place into our list of the top restaurants in Richmond. The queso burritos which is served in Qdoba is one such dish. They also have something called the grilled veggie burritos, which is equally good.


Golden Wok Chinese Restaurant, 3101 Richmond Rd. Lexington, Kentucky 40509.

Golden Wok first opened in 1998, and since then they have had many patrons. People in Richmond believes that if it is Chinese, then it is Golden Wok. Most of the items served here are sure to make your mouth water. 


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5 Best Richmond Restaurants