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5 Best Charleston Restaurants

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With its fusion cuisine and top restaurants, Charleston is a foodie's delight. In all honesty, it is impossible for one to discover all that this city has to offer in just one visit. But, if you are making a trip to this beautiful city, then here is our pick of the best Charleston restaurants. This is sure to make your lives simpler.


Oak Steakhouse

Love chocolates? Then make a dash for Oak Steakhouse. Though they are known as one of the top restaurants in Charleston serving steak, their dessert reputation precedes that of the steaks. They have a six-layered cake, which is made of chocolate butter cream. This is often served with a shot of milk. The gooey chocolaty freshness is sure to win you over.


Virginia’s on King

If you are looking for some comfort food then Virginia’s is the place to head to. Their fried chicken or the deviled crab can convert any diet conscious person into a food fanatic. Its no small wonder that Virginia’s on King is one of the top restaurants in Charleston.



Chef Sean Brock moved from Nashville to the city of Charleston in 2006. In fours years, he has established himself as one of the most creative chefs in town, and McCrady's is today one of the best restaurants in Charleston. Chef Brock has his own farm, from where he collects the materials needed for his restaurant. The emphasis here is on fresh and tasty food. The most popular dish on the menu here are the ribs which are sealed and cooked in low temperature, in a warm water bath.



This restaurant serves some great Southern food, which is prepared with a deft culinary touch and great sensibility. The menu here changes everyday, and there are very few dishes that remain constant. The cornbread is one such item. It is crisp and scented and is served hot in a cast-iron skillet. Yes, and that is one reason why Husk has made it to our list of top restaurants in Charleston.


Pearlz Oyster Bar

Winter can be a very hard month the get by, but I look forward to it every year, because it is the time for oysters. If you are looking for some fresh and good sea food, especially the oysters, then the best restaurant in Charleston that serves this is Pearlz. They serve both locally procured oysters and the ones that come from down the coast. The restaurant itself is a casual spot, where one can enjoy a good wholesome meal.


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5 Best Charleston Restaurants