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5 Best Chinese Restaurant In NYC

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Chinese food is loved all over the world and is popular with New Yorkers too. Take a look at the most loved 5 best Chinese restaurant in NYC.


Some of the Best Chinese Restaurant in NYC


Chinatown Brasserie – 380 Lafayette St.

The royal make over has made this Chinese restaurant one of the best Chinese restaurant in NYC. The food served here is absolutely wonderful. Do not miss the dim sums and chocolate dessert on a visit here.


Shun Lee Palace – 155 E 55th St.

Luxury feel of Shun Lee and the mystic ambiance add more value to the exotic menu. Do try the Hunan, Cantonese and Szechuan cuisines while dining here. The specialties- Beggar's Chicken and Beijing Duck are immensely popular with guests.


Golden Unicorn – 18 East Broadway

Popular for its authentic dim sums, Golden Unicorn is one of the top Chinese restaurant in NYC. The quality of food served here is very good and the dim sum varieties would ensure that you visit again.


Jing Fong – 20 Elizabeth St

Modern styled with escalators, do not miss the dim sums of this very popular restaurant in NYC. A good place to hang out with your friends on a holiday.


The Excellent Dumpling House – 111 Lafayette St

Great food and quick service distinguishes this restaurant from some other top Chinese restaurant in NYC. The dumplings are the specialty of the place and rightly so!



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