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5 Best Mexican Restaurants in San Diego

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I regularly jet in and out of these 5 best Mexican restaurants in San Diego. San Diego is home to many wonderful Mexican restaurants.  It was pretty difficult for me to select the best Mexican restaurants in San Diego, but I feel these Mexican restaurants stand apart  due to their tantalizing foods and refreshing ambience.


Casa Guadalajara: Casa Guadalajara is a magnificent Mexican restaurant which stands apart due to its celebrated Mexican cuisine. The Casa Guadalajara reminds you of the affable hacienda deep of Mexico.  Casa Guadalajara captures the “Spirit of Mexico”. You can choose from an impressive list of tantalizing margaritas and mind boggling seafood. 

Address:  Old Town, 4105 Taylor Street, San Diego, CA 92110,Ph: 619 295 5111,


Mama Testa Taqueria: Mama Testa Taqueria is a restaurant which serves some authentic traditional foods from Mexico.  Mama Testa Taqueria offers you wide array of Mexican flavors. You can choose from guisadous, blanditos, soft corn tortilla tacos and various other types of tacos from various states across Mexico.  Mama Testa Taqueria is counted amongst one of the best Mexican restaurants in San Diego because they always have something nostalgic to offer.

Address: 1417a University Avenue ,San Diego, CA 92103, Ph: 619- 298-TACO (8226)


Old Town Mexican Café:  I think this is the best time to visit Old Town Mexican Café because some great Mexican dining events have been planned for the food aficionados by the management.  Some of the most happening events at Old Mexican Café are Tequila dinners (every month), Bikes 4 Tykes, Cinco De Mayo. You can ignite your love life by enjoying a cozy Valentine’s Day special Mexican meal at Old Town. Old Town Mexican Café is one of the best Mexican restaurants in San Diego. Its happening foodscape has helped old Town Mexican café to climb in to the list of top Mexican restaurants in Sand Diego.

Address: 2489 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110


El Indio Mexican Restaurant: The El Indio is one of the best Mexican restaurants in San Diego because it has evolved along with time. Recently El Indio won Gold Medallion for Best Mexican Casual Dining from the California Restaurant Association.  Many times I have felt that El Indio Mexican Restaurant operates with the sole purpose of serving authentic Mexican food to its customers. El Indio is counted amongst one of the top Mexican restaurants in San Diego because it has kicked off some impressive culinary traditions . El Indio was also in news for its care packages which was sent to soldiers who participated in Vietnam and Desert Storm operations.   Do take time out of your busy schedule to visit one of the best Mexican restaurants in San Diego.

Address: 3695 India Street , San Diego, CA, 92103

One block South of Washington, off the I-5 freeway


Café Coyote: I believe Café Coyote deserves the accolade for one of the best Mexican Restaurants in San Diego because it triggers the feeling of stepping into a Mexican household. Its food and festive atmosphere has helped Café Coyote to win the accolade of Best Mexican Restaurants for 5 years: 2005, 2006, 2008, 2008 and 2010. The food is prepared using the fresh ingredients by Mexican chefs.

Address: Cafe Coyote Restaurant 2461 San Diego Avenue, San Diego CA 92110 ; Telephone: 619-291-4695


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5 Best Mexican Restaurants In San Diego