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Top 10 Indian Restaurants Outside India

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Here we have a list of top 10 Indian Restaurants Outside India. 


When abroad, most Indians prefer to eat at Indian restaurants. Nothing pleases them more than the familiar taste of Dal and Chaawal on their tongue. It is also at restaurants like these that most Indians who live abroad make friends and relive the life in their motherland.


As far as non Indians are concerned, the food served at Indian restaurants are exotic – names that cannot be pronounced, spices that one has never used before and taste that is varied and different. The chutneys and the pickles are so popular that these dishes are exported to the USA, Russia and Europe.


The European Saga

If you are in the UK and you are looking for a nice Indian place to eat at, then you are most likely to be spoilt for choice. In London, 'Tamasha' restaurant was voted as the winner of the annual Veetee Tiffin Cup competition this year. UK's oldest Indian restaurant, and one that has made it to the National Geographic list of 10 Best Destination & Special Restaurants is called 'Veeraswamy'. They serve classic Indian meals in a lavish formal setting and their guest list includes people like Charlie Chaplin, Marlon Brando and Indira Gandhi.


Of the many Indian eateries in UK, 'Indus' was once named as the 'Best Indian Restaurant' at the annual Bangkok Dining & Entertainment Magazine Awards. 'Amaya' is another popular restaurant which is owned by the same group that runs Veeraswamy – the Masala World Group. Amaya won the Tio Pepe ITV Awards for Best New Restaurant as well as Best Restaurant in the year 2005 and later in 2006 got a Michelin star.


American and Canadian Stories

Now in the USA, especially in New York, the love for Indian food is very strong. The one that tops the popularity chart at the moment called 'Devi'. It has been called "one of the most closely watched restaurants in New York," by the New York Times. Devi has a Michelin one star rating, which it got in both 2007 and 2008, making it the only Michelin star Indian restaurant in the States.


If you are in Vancouver, Canada then head straight to 'Vij's Indian Restaurant' as they serve the best Indian food possible. To binge on chicken tikka, vegetable samosas and prawn masala you can head to the 'Indian Bistro' or try out the food at the Palki Restaurant, Maurya Indian Cuisine or the Raga Restaurant.


The Thai Connection

There are many cultural and religious similarities between India and Thailand. That could be why the people of Bangkok love Indian treats. For the past 40 years, an Indian eatery called ‘Mrs. Bablir’s’ has been highly popular. The Indian dishes served in the Thai Airways flights to India are designed by Mrs. Bablir’s. The 'Rang Mahal' restaurant at the Rembrandt Hotel serves great food in a relaxing ambiance. Dosa King, another restaurant in Thailand is known for serving the best Dosas in town.


Indian food has takers the world over – from Europe to Africa and Australia, there is a demand for it in almost every continent.


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Top 10 Indian Restaurants Outside India