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Best Kosher Cafes That Serve The Best Chanukah Donuts

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Here is the list of best kosher cafes that serve the best Chanukah Donuts.


Eilat Bakery
Eilat Bakery boasts of serving the best Hanukkah donuts in Los Angeles.  Eilat Bakery is a kosher bakery, which has served Los Angeles since last three decades. Eilat bakery claims that they use Cholov Yisroel and Yachan flour to make special Jewish delicacies.  Eilat Bakery offers four donut variations: plain, jelly, chocolate and custard. Eilat Bakery began its Hanukah special Sufganiyot sales since November 22, 2010.
Address:  350 Fairfax Ave.L.A., CA 90036 , Tel: (323) 933-5000 , Fax: (323) 933-6535

9233 W. Pico Blvd.L.A., CA 90035 , Tel: (310) 205-8700 , Fax: (310) 274-7898



Tel Aviv Kosher Bakery

Tel Aviv kosher bakery in Chicago, serves yummylicious Chanukah donuts.  This bakery operates under the supervision of Rabbi Chaim Goldweizer. The bakery claims that all its products are strictly Yoshon and that they use sifted flour to prepare various delicacies.
Address:  2944 W. Devon Ave , Chicago, IL 60659, Tel: 773-764-8877


Kosher Pastry Oven

Kosher Pastry Oven operating in the Greater Washington Area is a full service bakery offering authentic Jewish delicacies and desserts for all special occasions.  The bakery claims that it is under supervision of the Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington (VAAD).  The bakery offers many Cholov Yisraeli dairy options along with plenty of pareve choices.  The bakery has been offering traditional raspberry jelly sufganiyots since last 16 years.  They are also serving the sufganiyots with chocolate, custard, and caramel filling. 
Address:  1372 Lamberton Dr., In the Kemp Mill Shopping Center , Silver Spring, MD 20902


Weiss Homemade Kosher Bakery

Weiss Homemade Kosher Bakery in Boro Park has claimed that they sell 35-40,000 donuts during the Chanukah every year.  The bakery is popular for their authentic Jewish goodies and superior kashrus. This bakery is frequented by orthodox Jews and non- Jews during the Chanukah.
Address:  5011 13th Avenue ,Brooklyn, NY-11219-3519


Goldmans Kosher Bakery

Goldmans Kosher Bakery has already started experiencing the rush of the Chanukah season. You can choose from variety of a Chanukah delicacies offered by the bakery. You can enjoy the traditional raspberry filled suganiyots at the place. Other than that you can savor the great Challah, desserts, cookies, and cup cakes everything looks simply delicious and healthy.
Address:  6848 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore, MD 21215, Tel: 410-358-9625


Moshe Kosher Bakery

The bakery is in news for its Jewish fare that they are stocking this Chanukah season.  Kosher bakery is stocked with raspberry jam –stuffed sufganiyots, which is glazed with powdered sugar.  These crunchy donuts are not over sweet and are loved by everyone.  You can hear some murmur amongst diners praying that Hanukkah season lasts for a year!
Address: 115 Second Avenue, East Village, Manhattan, New York City, 10003, Tel: (212) 505-8555


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Best Kosher Cafes That Serve The Best Chanukah Donuts