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Popular German Restaurants In West Virginia

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West Virginia is a visitor’s paradise, especially for the Germans. Apart from the breath-taking river rafting sites, hiking, rock climbing, trail riding grounds, much to a foodie’s delight, one may find some of most popular German Restaurants in West Virginia. No wonder, the world knows this famous city as "Wild and Wonderful".


It's hard to really define authentic German food. Even the best of experts from the food industry give a convenient miss to this question. Interestingly, the diversity of German cuisine has been closely represented by a chain of German restaurants around West Virginia. In no time, some of these restaurants have become hot spots for the native West Virginians as well as German visitors.

Below mentioned list gives a brief insight on those German restaurants who have replicated the aroma and flavour of authentic German cuisine in West Virginia.  

Bavarian Inn

This is a luxury hotel housing 72 rooms, whirlpool baths and practically all those extravagant features spotted in 5 star ratings hotels. Now coming down to the food part! The restaurant of the hotel serves some of the most exquisite German culinary specialties. These include, pfalz-zwiwwelsup ( a savoury onion soup served with German gruyere cheese and bread), Bavarian sauerbraten, schweinebraten ( a roasted pork delicacy), jaeger schnitzel. During the fall, dishes prepared from the wild, especially, rabbit stew and delectable wild boar goulash are listed top on the menu cards.

Apart from German food, the restaurant is the perfect spot for trying the best in American breakfasts and fried potatoes, flapjacks and more. The hotel is located in college town of Shepherdstown.

Helvetia Hutte Restaurant

The hotel has rightly earned a repo for serving the city’s best German food. It specializes in some of the most delectable German recipes like sauerbraten, hot applesauce, bratwurst and brewed beer. On Sundays, an authentic Swiss-oriented buffet is an illustrious crowd puller from food enthusiasts all across Helvetia. The restaurant has also been featured in the Travel channel for its choice of food on offer. The hotel is located at the Main street of Helvetia.

Villa di Vinci

The name, Villa di Vinci, heavily draws inspiration from Italian cuisine, however, serves the city’s best German pizza. Corned beef and Sauerkraut are other German delicacies which a lot of customers order for in the restaurant. In addition, the restaurant is popular hunt for Italian food lovers as well for its amazing pasta delicacies, chicken preparations, subs, steaks and fish dishes. The hotel can be reached at Williamstown.

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Popular German Restaurants In West Virginia