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Top 5 Dessert Destinations in Sacramento


top 5 dessert destinations in sacramento - for topping desserts

When the night looks sweet against a star-lit sky , there is the urge to allow your senses to feast upon the celestial wonder, over  dollops of creamy, lavish desserts.(you would love to do away with the meals)


 If you are in Sacramento looking for a place to refresh with  fulsome desserts and enjoy the night sky later, here is what you can look forward to at the top 5 dessert destinations in Sacramento


•    Rick’s dessert Diner  

If you are looking for desserts on a platter then Rick’s Dessert Diner is the destination for you. Offering a menu of more than 285 items, which include  cakes, tortes, pastries, pies and cheesecakes, the recipes are a modern adaptation from the grandma’s kitchen. Fresh and choclat-y, the desserts are the choicest if you yearn for the “daily-fresh’ flavor topped with your favorite chocolate.

•   Freeport Bakery
Bakes of all shapes and sizes and exclusive for occasions as grand as a wedding or a birthday, Freeport bakery also specialize in breads, pastries and muffins. The signature desserts include the Shadow fresa – the fudge cake in whipped cream with a dash of strawberries ‘twixt its layers , and chocolate melting down on the other sides; the lemon cooler – the lemon-e flavor to refresh your senses; the cake layered with buttermilk and lemon curd , with a frosting of Italian butter cream, is a treat for sure. And the fresh fruit tart made of creamy vanilla custard, topped with fruits, in a crusty flake). With such variety on offer, it is but obvious that Freeport bakery is a chosen one among the top 5 dessert destinations in Sacramento.

•    Ettore’s 
If you want a taste of European desserts in East Sacramento, then you have Ettore’s to satiate the senses with its popular Fruit Basket,  vanilla-sponge layers alternating with strawberry , mousse and white pineapple, topped with whipped cream, crowned by a fresh fruit ; the princess cake  in pastry cream, raspberry preserves, and covered in marzipan, like a royally donned princess   and of course you have the chocolate truffle – which is a make of chocolate ganache in three-layers and is topped with choco-truffles.



top 5 dessert destinations in sacramento - for dollops of fruity fun

•    Tower café   
The tower Café true to its name takes you to the towering heights of a gastronome’s experience of desserts. With a mélange of desserts to offer from the Marble Tart sporting the Vahlrona’s Manjari chocolate to the chestnut Decadence cake, there are also the classic favorites such as the Black button chocolate cupcake in cream cheese, centered in chocolate chips and the popular Napoleon in a mix of pastry cream and fresh fruits outlined by puff pastry; the delectable dessert delights of Tower Café towers over the  five best dessert destinations in Sacramento.

•    Baby bakes 
Though a newcomer in the realm of bakery business in East Sacramento, the bakes of Baby bakes tune into the rhythm of the day and seasons. So you have a myriad flavors suiting the day and the season as well. If the S’mores cupcake entices you on one day, the Chai tea cupcake will be at the threshold of the reception, the next day. The daily dessert flavors include the Carrot cake, the triple chocolate and the Vanilla Vanilla. Baby bakes has reached a milestone in its ‘infancy’ by making it to the “top 5   dessert destinations in Sacramento”.

Now, when you want to unwind gazing at the star-spangled sky and the white moon rabbit, a drop of silver from the either, can be savored right on earth at Sacramento’s top 5 dessert destinations.

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Top 5 Dessert Destinations In Sacramento