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Papa John’s - Jacksonville, FL

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The one thing you can’t take away from Papa John’s is that they single handedly started the fresh topping revolution. I’m very happy that they did! They also get the kudos for adding the little dipping sauces in the box - garlic butter and cheese - another thing they have going for them if you like those kinds of things (I think if you have good crust you need nothing to dunk it in to make it taste better). Beyond that look at the pizza in the photo - to me it looks like someone did some hand tossing after they made it - there’s not an even scattering of the toppings - nothing turks me off more than that. If you’re going to take the time to make a pizza - make it right! If something like this shows up at the door - the manager is getting a lecture! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a pizza from Papa John’s - maybe it’s time to revisit... I guess they have a 10 minute guarantee at lunchtime (pickup only) - think they can get away with 10 minute delivery? Have vans outfitted with fridges and ovens just driving around serving pizzas - that would be a site to see... I give it a C

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Papa John’s - Jacksonville, FL