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California Pizza Kitchen - Durham, NC

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We went to the CPK for dinner and had a great pizza. Like most chains, CPK’s pizza is consistent. I find it odd that they press out their dough in a big press but take the time to bake it in a wood burning oven? Are they afraid to hand stretch the dough and maybe give it a toss or two? I just don’t get it - they first have to spay down some nonstick stuff on the bottom of the press then they cover the top of the dough with it as well - that can’t be good for the dough. For and experienced person it should only take a minute or two to form the dough - I’ve never seen them so busy that they couldn’t keep up with that. None the less I like their pizza - I think they’re quite creative when it comes to toppings... I give it a B

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California Pizza Kitchen - Durham, NC