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Halloween Punch

Halloween Punch is a special type of beverage which is served during the Halloween party. The punch can be prepared using various types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic ingredients. Any Halloween party is incomplete without a suitable Halloween punch. The Halloween punches for the kids are mostly laced with edible and scary ingredients and are mostly non-alcoholic. The Halloween punches are named after terrifying characters. Most of these punches are colored in tones of harsh colors like red which add scariness to their character.

Popular Halloween Punch Recipes

  • Black Punch: This is one of the popular punches served during Halloween and it is prepared by combining ingredients like vodka, sugar, water, ale, and grape kool aide. Black Punch is usually served with dry ice.

  • Bloody Rum Punch: As the name suggests, this is one of the perfect punches which perfectly encapsulates the essence of Halloween time. This alcoholic punch is prepared by combining ingredients like rum, wine, triple sec liqueur, syrup, and lime juice. The rum punch is served after decorating with thin wheels of red orange.

  • Vampire’s Halloween Punch: Going by the name, it can be understood that it is perhaps one of the most popular Halloween punch recipes around. The punch is prepared by combining ingredients like lime juice, cranberry juice, cherry, Skyy infusions, and 7 UP. The punch is given a threatening appearance with the usage of extra cherries.

  • Icy Hands Halloween Punch: This thunderous Halloween punch is prepared by combining ingredients such as white rum or vodka, lemon lime soda, marshmallows and red food coloring. This punch is distinguished by its way of presentation. A rubber hand glove is used to present the punch and it is decorated with lots of extra ice.

  • Jack o Lantern Halloween Punch: This punch is normally set within the pumpkin. It is prepared by combining ingredients such as sugar cubes, 7 Year Grand Reserve, club soda, fresh nutmeg, whole cloves, apple juice and lemon juice. Toasted pumpkin seeds are also added for extra flavor. Subtle hints of vanilla and caramel are also added for enhancing the flavor of this particular Halloween punch.

  • Dragon’s Blood Punch: This energizing Halloween punch is prepared using ingredients such as vodka, orange liqueur, apple juice, ginger ale, cranberry juice and red fruit punch. This punch looks and feels good when served in punch cups.

  • Witches Punch: This is one of the most favored punch recipes for Halloween. It is created by combining lemon juice, pomegranate juice, simple syrup, and SKYYinfusions citrus. For an added effect the punch is served with blueberries.