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Chicken Puff

A chicken puff is a mixture of creamy chicken and puff pastry. A chicken puff recipe is mostly used for parties and get-togethers. Kids, teenagers and adults all like to have these puffs as they are creamy and delicious.

The puff pastry used to make a these puffs is a light, flaky pastry which contains several fat layers. When in its raw form it is dough which is folded and rolled many times. When combined with cream and chicken, this dough on baking, comes out to be a delicious puff.

Ingredients in Chicken Puff Recipe

For making this puff, one needs to make a chicken filling and puff pastry. Boneless chicken is used to make puff filling. Preferably, chicken breast pieces should be used for making these tasty puffs. A puff pastry can be made at home but it takes a lot of time for kneading the dough, folding and rolling. It is easy to make the puff by buying a pastry puff pack from a nearby store. Also to make the filling of this recipe, mayonnaise, Swiss cheese and dry white wine is added to increase the flavor of puffs.

Prescribed Way of Making Chicken Puffs

First the filling of chicken puffs is made by cooking the chicken well with other ingredients like onions, celery, mushrooms depending on your puff recipe. The pastry puffs sheets are rolled out and with a brush, beaten egg is spread on to it. The sheet is divided into rectangular pieces and the chicken filling is put on these pieces. The pastry is rolled and baked. Soft and flaky puffs get ready in few minutes.

Variations of Chicken Puff Recipes

A chicken puff can be made in various ways by changing the filling of the chicken. Indian chicken puff, Asparagus chicken puffs, cream mushroom chicken puffs and cocktail chicken puffs are some of the popular chicken puff recipes.

The Indian chicken puff recipe makes use of onion, capsicum and celery with the chicken to form puff filling. The asparagus spears are put lengthwise with the chicken filling in Asparagus chicken puff recipe. It is easy to bring variation in the filling of this puff.

Serving Chicken Puff

Chicken puff makes a good choice for snack. For celebrations and parties, the puffs are served as starters. These puffs taste amazing with ketchup or coriander dip. Merlot and white burgundy wines taste good with all chicken puff recipes.

Nutritional Value of Chicken Puff

One average sized chicken stuffed puff contains approximately 490 calories. The cholesterol and fat content in chicken puff recipe is high and there is a low dietary fiber in these delicious and creamy puffs.