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Rum Pudding

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Mix in a bowl 4 yolks of egg and 4 tablespoonfuls of caster sugar, then add the 4 whites of egg beaten to a froth, with a pinch of salt.
Pour this smooth mixture into a large greased frying-pan.
Cook as you would cook an ordinary omelette, lifting the edges to allow the still liquid parts to run underneath, till all is set.
Then spread the stewed rhubarb on the omelette, fold over, sprinkle with sugar, and put in the oven for a second or so, just to brown the top.
SWEET RICE FLAPJACKS Galettes de Riz Boil 4 tablespoonfuls of rice (about 2 oz.) in slightly sweetened milk, till the grains are so tender they may be crushed easily, then stir with a wooden spoon till a thick smooth paste is obtained.
Away from the heat add the yolk of an egg, a nut of butter, 1 tablespoonful of sifted flour, a little orange-flower water, and finally the white of the egg, stiffly beaten.
Heat some fat in a frying-pan, and fry small spoonfuls of the rice mixture till golden; turn and fry the other side.
Serve hot, sprinkled with sugar.
RUM PUDDING Gateau au Rhum Mix 8 oz.
of stale crumbled bread without the crust with 4 yolks of egg, 6 tablespoonfuls of butter (or fat), a glass of boiling water, a glass of milk, between 8 and 10 tablespoonfuls of caster sugar, some grated lemon peel, 2 tablespoonfuls of rum and the whites of the 4 eggs, very stiffly beaten.
Pour this mixture into a greased mould.
Stand in a saucepan in some boiling water and simmer for 3 hours.
Turn out of the mould and serve hot, with a syrup poured over it consisting of 6 tablespoonfuls of sugar, 4 to 5 tablespoonfuls of rum, and a little grated lemon peel: heated together for no more than a minute or two.

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Rum Pudding Recipe