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Soft Pretzel

Soft Pretzels are a variety of pretzels, (crunchy snack food from the European cuisines that is mostly salted and occasionally made sweet). They are softer in texture than hard pretzels and are mostly looped in shape, though also seen like a stick or a rod.

Soft pretzels have become very popular with the Americans, particularly those belonging to Philadelphia, Chicago and New York, so much so that they became a snacking staple for Philadelphians. Much of the popularity may be attributed to commercialization of the brunch food. On an average, a Philadelphian consumes it a dozen times more than his/her counterparts from other regions of the nation.

Preparation of Soft Pretzels

Preparation of soft pretzels involves making a salty sweet yeasted flour dough and shaping it into pretzels, boiling them in soda water and baking them. Salt granules can be sprinkled on top. Sugar seasoning can also be used, if desired.

Soft Pretzel Recipes

Soft Pretzel recipes include those made with butter, cheese, fruits, spices and other suitable ingredients.