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Food Video Games

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I came upon some really good food video games last night! It was the first time, my boyfriend had seen me get interested in something he was interested in too..well..not exactly the same thing. As opposed to the gory and violent war video games he plays, food video games are fun and perfect for foodies and cooks all around the world.




Food video games like the Food Fight video game have been around for sometime but the recent ones are more complicated and interesting. From chopping tomatoes with dicey movements of the mouse to starting up restaurants in the surreal world of the internet, food video games are kicking up quiet a storm in the world of video games!


The first genre of Hit Food Video Games such as Cooking Mama were you can help mama cook the dishes to Diner Dash where you follow a waitress named Flo as she waits on and tries to earn points by keeping patrons happy seem to have outlived its appeal. Thus comes in the recent video games based on TV cooking competitions which are on a rise in terms of popularity. Hell's Kitchen and the Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine.  are such competitive video games that adopt every detail of the shows from the irate customers who are waiting for your food to the voice of the narrators and chefs on the real shows.





If you are going to play one of these games then you really need to be prepared for the competitiveness and the pressures that the participants of the counterpart TV programs experience. Though the true experience of cooking or being a part of a reality show might be absent the games are worth your time. Ofcourse you might get hooked to it and irritate your video game crazy boyfriend, like I do. But what goes around comes around, wouldn’t you say!!:-)!


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Food Video Games