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Religious icons in food! Holy God, oops food!!

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We have all heard about the Holy God, but have you heard about Holy Food? No I am not talking about the wine and the bread. Ok, Bread maybe. It’s better if I give a visual explanation.

The Holy Toast

Mrs. Diane Duyser from Florida swears by this toasted cheese sandwich. She believes that the sandwich bears the image of Virgin Mary.Virgin Mary or not, she bagged almost $28,000 for this piece of Holy Food.

The Nun Bun


This holy bun was discovered by a customer in 1996 at the Bongo Java coffee shop. It drew a lot of visitors and the management didn’t think twice about using this divine commodity for their marketing needs. They came out with the Nun Bun T shirts, cups and even prayer cards. The real Mother Teresa however, wasn’t too happy with this. Who would be? Being compared to a bun is not really a compliment!

Miracle of the fish stick


It’s a little hard for me to believe that from all the food available God chose the burnt fish sticks on Fred Whan’s saucepan to reveal him self. The uncanny ways of the divine! By the way, if you want to get a glimpse of this, just pop in to Freds house in Ontario. It has been carefully preserved.

The Holy Bread

This holy bread was discovered in India. The chapatti with an image of Jesus was promptly mounted in a glass case for all to see.

Now that is what I call Holy Food!

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Religious Icons In Food! Holy God, Oops Food!!