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Food fun – Sudoku Pizza

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Sudoku Pizza – wondering what the two had in common. The nine squares with all the calculations and the delicious cheesy treat, could they actually come together to surprise you. This Sudoku Pizza that has been tempting me for a while now says it all. Each of the nine squares has a collection of 9 different ingredients. Most of the ingredients on each square have a circular shape, wonder if that is based on some calculations too. For now any way I would love to congratulate the creative chef behind this and look for a way to get a big bite of it.


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Yes, Sudoku and this pizza truly has something in common; first i thought it was just the columns, but not so. Take a closer look; you can actually see the onions, cheese, salami etc shifting their places according to Sudoku rules!! That has been wonderful and must be tagges a master piece :)
Food Fun – Sudoku Pizza