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Gravy Substitute Ideas

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gravy substituteYou may be looking for gravy substitute ideas because the traditional gravy is full of fat, sodium and calories, of course. However, when you cook beef, chicken, even vegetables, the one thing that you look for when everything else is ready is the gravy to slather over your dish. So, in nutshell, you cannot do without the gravy. So what to do? Why don't you try the following substitute ideas at home:





1) Seasoned Yogurt

Nothing works better than seasoned yogurt when you are looking for gravy substitute ideas. Yogurt is rich in calcium and protein while being low in sodium and fat. You can even opt for low-fat yogurt, which will give you all the nutrients of regular yogurt but with less fat and fewer calories.


2) Cream of Chicken

Another wonderful alternative to gravy is Cream of Chicken soup. It is similar in flavor to gravy but is healthier for you. If you want to make it an even healthier option, opt for a cream of chicken soup that is low in sodium.


3) Fat-free White Gravy

Another option to the traditional gravy is white gravy. This can be made by thickening the leftover drippings from your tukey with cornstarch, instead of butter or fat. You may even use a special gravy flour, which thickens the gravy quickly.


4) Oil

Vegetable oil can be subsituted in place of butter or clarified butter, as a healthier option to gravy. Using oils low in saturated fats while high in omega-3 fatty acids is a good option to include oil in place of gravy.


5) Margarine

If you use margarine, especially one that is trans-fat free, instead of the butter to make your gravy, you will have a healthier substitute at hand. Margarine is made from vegetable oils but has a butter-like taste. As a result, there will not be much difference in the end product.


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Gravy Substitute Ideas