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Clarified Butter Substitute Ideas

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Clarified ButterYou need to look for clarififed butter substitute ideas if you shy away from from clarified butter thinking it to be too fattening. With this blog, you can enjoy the delicious flavor of butter without succumbing to the calorie attack. Here is how:


1) Cooking Oil


Instead of clarified butter, use cooking oil, which is less fattening. You can choose from among olive oil, canola oil or other such vegetable oils. 


2) Regular Butter


This is another good substitute for clarified butter but you need to remember that using regular butter in cooking leads to browning of food, which, of course, can also be used to your advantage in case of dishes like pies.


3) Cooking Spray


Instead of ladling on clarified butter into your dish, use cooking spray. Just cover your pan with cooking spray and proceed with the recipe.


4) Butter/Olive Oil


You can also use the regular butter combined with extra virgin olive oil. Combine both of them well and then use in the same amount as the clarified butter for good results.


5) Mustard Oil


Most of the Asian countries use mustard oil too, along with other cooking mediums, and the food tastes better when cooked in it, especially fish dishes. You can use mustard oil as a replacement for the clarified butter as the former comes with less calorie count.


If you thought clarified butter is your only option, after reading this blog, you will agree that you can do much more with these clarified butter substitute ideas.


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Clarified Butter Substitute Ideas