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Tips To Plate Chicken Creatively

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Chicken Tray IdeasArranging  chicken on a plate or tray calls for creativity. Whether you have a crowd to treat or you just have to serve a special meal for your party, you can put across a special chicken platter to impress your guests! Try  these ideas and come up with an interesting way to serve the crowd-pleasing starters…


Zesty Chicken Plating Ideas


  • Sizzling Chicken Platter

This plating idea is perfect when you have a BBQ party at your home. All you need are few lettuces, pine nuts, and mint leaves along with radishes and cucumbers. Thinly cut the grilled chicken into strips. Add them to half of the yoghurt dressing and toss well. Make a bed of lettuce leaves on a large oval or circular tray. Cut radishes and cucumbers into thin slices and arrange them to form the tray’s border. Now arrange the marinated strips in the form of a star. Scatter the mint leaves and pine nuts atop the strips. Now, let rest of the dressing drizzle over the platter. Serve warm.


  • ‘Spoky’ Chicken And Potato Plate

This is a delectable appetizer tray made with pale golden potato wedges and golden brown chicken wings. The light bready chicken tender goes perfectly with the crunchiness of potato wedges. Now you can start plating them in the shape of a wheel. While the chicken wings will make for the rim, the potato wedges will act as the spokes. Place a cup of your favorite dipping sauce in between the ‘spokes’ to act as the centre cap. Your plate is ready!


  • Chicken Tray IdeasSupermarket Chicken On a Tray

Variety adds zest to any gathering. This tray can be arranged when you are serving various varieties of chicken dishes. Let us say you have three different chicken appetizers – popcorn chicken, BBQ chicken and hot wings. Make a bed using salad greens on a tray. Arrange them in three different sections on the same tray demarking each section using green onions, small sweet pickles, pineapple slices, or radishes.


These trays are Valentines’ Day exclusives. Deep-fried chicken nuggets are one of the most sought after appetizers for this romantic day. Now, pep up the evening by creating a nuggets heart tray. Choose a heart-shaped tray and line it with green lettuce leaves. Arrange the chicken nuggets atop the lettuce like a heart. Sprinkle few pomegranate seeds to resemble shining rubies. Keep a bowl of blue cheese sauce. Sprinkle a few thinly cut mint leaves for added aroma.   


A carefully plated chicken tray is sure to add zing to the festive mood of any celebration. So, the next time you are planning to serve chicken starters at a party, try these ideas!


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