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Tips to Plate Eggs Creatively

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Egg Tray IdeasYou will be familiar with plating vegetables on a tray and creating cheese trays. Plating eggs is not as common as the aforementioned ones, but they do exist. You can plate them  in a very creative way so that they look even more alluring. You can use the below mentioned egg platter ideas for your Easter dinner or whenever you serve eggs as a starter. Read on to know more …


Cute Egg Plating Ideas


  • Flower Shaped Eggs 

Transform your deviled eggs into sunflower and serve them for Easter! You will need 4 eggs for a single tray. Halve your hard-boiled eggs lengthwise. Now, using your favorite deviled egg filling, fill the halved egg centers. Arrange the 8 halves in such a way that they resemble the petals of a flower. Fill the space left in the middle with a dark chocolate truffle. Now, for the stem, you can pick a scallion and then, using chopped cilantro leaves, make the grass at the bottom. Your egg platter is ready!


  • School Of Fish

A school of fish is an excellent egg platter idea. Take the warm, salted, hard-boiled eggs and place them in fish-shaped egg shapers. Tightly lock the shapers and keep aside until set. Allow them to cool in the refrigerator or cold water for about 5-10 minutes. Now, take the mold out and open the mold. Your fish egg is ready. Add eyes, a mouth, and fins. Prepare as many fishes as you want. Now you can start plating them. Take a deep ocean blue colored tray and arrange the ‘fish’ on them. Arrange shredded cabbage, preferably with a slight green touch, beside the school. Keep a dipping sauce also beside before serving.  


  • Valentines’ Day Hearts Tray

These form perfect romantic appetizers which pep up your Valentines’ Day celebrations. They are quite easy to be made also. Peel the warm eggs. Now, place them on a milk carton. Keep a chopstick on the centre of an egg. Using rubber bands fasten the chopstick with carton. Keep aside for 10 minutes, preferably inside the refrigerator. Now, remove the chopstick and halve the eggs. Now, you can arrange them on a heart shaped tray. Dress them up or make deviled eggs with them. It is easy and of course a delectable way to show off your love.


These are just a few of the ways of plating  eggs. These are simple ideas, but are sure to take everyone by surprise.


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Tips To Plate Eggs Creatively