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Kiwi Martini Garnishing Tips

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Kiwi Martini

Kiwi martini is yet another possible  variation in vodka martini, prepared by muddling the fresh and juicy kiwi fruits into the drink. Just as much precision is required in mixing, the choice of garnish too adds on to the taste and flavor of the drink.  So for those who wish to try out this delicious cocktail, here are some of the best kiwi martini garnishing tips to serve the drink at its best.



Since most of the garnishes are fruit-based, you will need certain kitchen tools for cutting and shaping. Among these, a sharp paring knife, a peeler, and a grater are most essential. You can make use of a bunch of stirrers or toothpicks to secure the garnish and place on the martini glass.


Exotic Garnishing Ideas for Kiwi Martini

Kiwi Slice Garnish

Kiwi Garnish

A fresh and thin kiwi slice is the perfect garnishing idea for the kiwi martini drink. Make slit on the edge of the kiwi slice and attach on the glass rim. You can also place few slices into the martini glass, before pouring the martini drink.


Mango Garnish

Mango Garnish

A piece of mango can be used as garnish for the mango kiwi martini. To prepare this delicious summer beverage, muddle mango along with kiwi, while mixing the drink. You can also cut the mango in cubes or balls and attach on the drink with the help of a stirrer or toothpick.


Lime Garnish

Lime Garnish

Lime, being a common garnishing fruit for many martini drinks, is also a suitable choice of garnish. Use different types of lime garnishing ideas like lime slice, lime wedge, lime peel spiral etc to decorate the kiwi martini. For stronger lime flavor, squeeze lime juice into the drink. Place the lime garnishes on the glass rim or let float on the drink.


Cherry Garnish

Cherry Garnish

The bright, red-colored cherries look beautiful, when placed in the vibrant green kiwi martini. Just drop few cherries into the drink, just before serving, along with few slices of kiwi. Alternately, pierce 3-4 cherries in a stirrer and place the stirrer inside the drink.


Mint Garnish

Mint Garnish

Mint makes a nice combination with kiwi, when blended into the martini. Use fresh sprig of mint to garnish the drink. Attach the sprig and a slice of kiwi, in a stirrer and place inside the martini glass. For a strong mint flavor, chop fresh mint leaves and sprinkle over the drink.


Useful Garnishing Tips for Kiwi Martini

  • While using the kiwi fruit as garnish, use fresh and firm kiwis. Peel off the skin and make fine crosswise slices. Keep the slices away from heat or air, to retain the freshness.
  • Use fresh and firm mango to prepare the garnish. Remove the skin nicely and cut slices by discarding the seed. You may use a melon baller, to scoop out mango flesh for preparing a mango ball.
  • To prepare the lime garnishes, pick large and properly ripened limes, so that you get fresh and juicy lime garnishes. Discard the seeds and core portion, before attaching on the glass rim.
  • Make a small slit into the cherries to discard the seed, before using as garnish. You can also buy preserved whole cherries for garnishing purpose.
  • Thoroughly wash the mint sprigs and then, pat dry on paper towels, to retain the freshness. You can substitute mint with basil or rosemary, if desired.


Kiwis are not always available in your local grocery stores, but when available make proper use of these delicate fruits by preparing the exotic kiwi martini, using all these garnishing ideas and tips. Happy garnishing time!


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Kiwi Martini Garnishing Tips