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Meat Martini Garnishing Tips

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Meat MartiniMeat martini might sound gross to many people, but it is a delicacy to the meat lovers. There are several exotic ways to garnish this special and exclusive drink. Let us have a look into these options.


One needs to remembers that the usualy fruity martini garnishes does not match these beverages and one needs to explore different types of meat garnishings for decorating this drink. You can use lime or lemon slices, tomato slices, pickled onion slices, etc. to garnish, if desired. For preparing neat and well-shaped meat garnishes, you will require a sharp kitchen knife or cleaver. The toothpicks or stirrers are most essential for securing the garnishes in the beverage.


Exotic Garnishing Ideas for Meat Martini

Meat Garnish

Meat Garnish

A chunk of meat is a favorite choice of garnish for the meat martini drink. The meat should be cooked as per your preference, which could be roasted, baked, smoked or grilled. With the sharp kitchen knife, cut a piece of cooked meat, make a thin slit on the edge and place on the glass rim. Alternately, you can skew the meat portions in a stirrer, having a combination with olives, mushrooms, cheese cubes etc. Place the stirrer inside the drink, just before serving.


Sausage Garnish

Sausage Martini

A piece or whole part of a sausage is also ideal for garnishing the meat martini. Prepare the sausage according to your choice and cut it into pieces. Drop the sausage piece into the beverage or place the whole sausage inside the glass, before pouring the martini. You can also bring out the minced sausage meat, cook and place at the bottom of the martini glass to garnish.


Bacon Garnish

Bacon Martini

Bacon is another commonly used garnish for the meat martini. Cook the bacon crispy and place over the martini glass or inside the drink, to serve. To make it more dramatic, add a bunch of mint or basil leaf to combine with the bacon.


Salami Garnish

Salami Garnish

There are several ways , by which you can prepare the salami garnishing. In a skewer or stirrer, pierce the salami by alternating with olives, mushrooms, potatoes etc. Use the stirrer to place over drink or inside the drink.


Stuffed Olive Garnish

StuffedOlive Garnish

Stuffed olives are available in most of supermarkets. Some of these are stuffed with cheese and some are with meat products. You can chose any of these flavors as per your choice and drop into the drink or pierce a few through the stirrer to place in the martini glass.


Important Garnishing Tips for Meat Martini

  • Always use cooked meat for garnishing purpose.
  • The knife, you use, must be too sharp, otherwise the meat cannot be nicely shaped. However, be careful of your finger, while slicing the meat.
  • For the readymade items, ensure their freshness by checking the expiry date of the product.


All these garnishing ideas and tips will surely help you, when you plan to serve meat martini for your meat-addicted friends in your next cocktail party. Have a happy martini time with your friends!


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Meat Martini Garnishing Tips