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Lavender Martini Garnishing Tips

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Lavender Martini

Lavender martini is an exquisite drink, prepared using lavender liqueur as the main ingredient. It is a perfect drink option for any special event where you would want to impress the guests as a new age host. A perfect garnish can make or kill this drink and there are quite a few options, by which you can decorate this extra-ordinary drink. Read on to learn about these garnishing ideas.


To prepare these wonderful garnishes you will require certain regular kitchen tools like vegetable peeler, paring knife, zester etc. If you want to secure the garnishes in a nice way, then you might use the stirrer or toothpick.


Exotic Ideas for Lavender Martini Garnishing

Lavender Garnish

Lavender Garnish

A fresh sprig of lavender is just the right garnish for a fresh glass of lavender martini. Place the sprig floating on the martini or on the glass rim with the help of a stirrer or toothpick. For extra flavor, sprinkle chopped lavender springs on the martini. The lavender flower is also an elegant choice of garnish for this drink. It looks so beautiful that you can serve it as a special choice for your party.


Basil Garnish

Basil Garnish

When you do not have a lavender sprig or flower, you can use basil leaves instead. Take a fresh basil sprig to place inside the drink or drop few leaves into the drink. To enjoy a stronger flavor, muddle few fresh leaves, while preparing the martini.


Lemon Garnish

Lemon Garnish

Lemon is a never fail garnish for most martini drinks. There are a number of ways in which you can use lemon for garnishing the lavender martini, including lemon wedge, lemon slice, lemon peel spiral, lemon zests etc. To make the martini more special, you can add few drops of lemon juice and serve lemon lavender martini.


Useful Tips on Lavender Martini Garnishing

  • Wash the lavender sprig or flower thoroughly and gently pat dry with paper towels. Instead of lavender flower, you can use the edible orchids. Contact your local florist shop to collect a bunch of edible orchids in variety of colors.
  • Other than basil, mint or rosemary can also be used as garnish, depending upon the preference of the person, whom you are serving the drink. For the herbs, be very particular to wash and rinse in cold running water, before using as a garnish.
  • Be very careful to handle lemon or lime for cutting into proper shapes. Excessive handling may cause the citrus fruits to grow a bitter taste.


Apply these garnishing ideas and tips to serve the lavender martini and to enjoy an evening of special memories.

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Lavender Martini Garnishing Tips