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Banana Martini Garnishing Tips

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Banana Martini

The rich and creamy banana martini is a favorite choice of beverage for any formal or special occasion. The delicate taste of this martini can be enhanced by adding certain exotic garnishes. Here are few selection of garnishes, which suit perfectly with the flavor and color of this special martini.


You should keep certain kitchen tools handy for preparing the fruity garnishes, such as – paring knife, peeler, grater etc. A bunch of toothpicks might be essential for placing the garnish on the drink.


Exotic Garnishing Ideas for Banana Martini

Banana Garnish

Banana Chips Garnish

The best banana garnishes for this drink include – banana slice, banana half, banana ribbon, or chocolate-dipped banana slice. With a sharp paring knife, make horizontal or vertical slices to prepare the garnishes. Dip in chocolate sauce and then use as a garnish, if you prefer the chocolate flavor. Use these banana garnishes to place on the glass rim or inside the martini drink. You can also pierce through toothpick and place on the glass.


Cream Garnish

Whipped Cream Garnish

A dollop of whipped cream is most favorable choice of garnish for the banana cream martini. After mixing and pouring the drink, gently place the whipped cream dollop on top of the martini. To make it more beautiful, add a piece of strawberry or cherry on top of the cream.


Strawberry Garnish

Strawberry Garnish

The flavor of strawberry is a perfect match for the sweet and creamy banana martini. You can cut the strawberry in various ways to prepare different types of strawberry garnishes. Stick them in a stirrer or toothpick and place in the drink, on the glass rim, or simply drop into the martini. You may muddle fresh strawberry into the drink, to enjoy a strong flavor.


Lime Garnish

Lime Garnish

Lime is a common choice of garnish and it is applicable for the banana martini drink, too. Use different lime garnishing variations to decorate the martini glass. A sharp paring knife will be most useful for this purpose. Also, add few drops of fresh lime juice, to add a tanginess to the drink.


Chocolate Garnish

Chocolate Garnish

When you serve chocolate banana martini, then chocolate is going to be the best garnishing choice for you. You can sprinkle shredded or grated chocolate over the drink or can place a chocolate stick or bar inside the martini. For sophistication, attach few chocolate balls through a stirrer and place the stirrer over the martini.


Cookie Garnish

Cookie Garnish

The crunchy and sugary butter cookies are also favorite choices as garnishing. Simply place the cookies on the glass rim, just before serving. The Pirouline cookies can also be used for the garnishing purpose.


Useful Garnishing Tips for Banana Martini

  • The banana slices have a tendency to get discolored within minutes. To prevent that, use lemon juice to brush on the banana garnishes, before using.
  • You can use other citrus fruits like orange or blood orange, to decorate the martini. If you add few drops of fresh juice, into the drink, the effect is going to be just awesome. However, make sure that the citrus fruit is sweet and fresh.
  • Immediately serve the martini, when you use a cookie garnish. If the cookie melts into the drink, it will not remain the same drink anymore.


So, next time you arrange a party at your place, plan to serve banana martini. All the above garnishing ideas and tips will come to be helpful for you.


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Banana Martini Garnishing Tips