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Egg Martini Garnishing Tips

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Egg MartiniEgg martini is a favorite drink for any special occasion, which you can serve in different variations. The choice of garnishing will depend on the combination used in preparing the egg martini. Here are few delicate selections for garnish, which you can use for serving the martini.


Some of these garnishing used here are readily bought, whereas some are prepared at the kitchen. You will require some kitchen tools, to prepare these garnishing items, such as – paring knife, vegetable peeler, lemon zester etc. Also, keep a pack of stirrers or toothpicks handy, for securing the garnishes on the martini.



Delicate Garnishing Ideas for Egg Martini

Ginger Snap Cookie Garnish

Ginger Snap Cookies Garnishing

Buy a pack of ginger snap cookies and coarsely crumble the cookies to sprinkle on the martini. Alternately, place the couple of cookies inside the martini.


Cinnamon Garnish

Cinnamon Garnish

Cinnamon is a favorite garnish for any type of martini. You can use cinnamon powder to dust on the drink or place a long-sized cinnamon stick into the drink. Let the martini be slightly infused with the cinnamon aroma, before serving.


Candy Garnish

Candy Garnish

A bunch of Christmas candies can come useful, when you plan to serve egg martini. Simply place the candy inside the martini and serve to your guests.


Lemon Peel Garnish

Lemon Peel Garnish

A lemon peel is used to garnish the egg martini, when you add little quantity of lemon juice in the drink. Use a paring knife or vegetable peeler, to cut the lemon peel. Place the lemon peel on the glass rim or let it float on the drink. You can also use other types of lemon garnishing ideas to make the drink more attractive.


Strawberry Garnish

Strawberry Garnish

Strawberry egg martini is one of the variations of egg martini, where strawberry is muddled in the drink. To garnish this specialty, you can use any type of strawberry garnishing ideas and can place on the glass rim or attached on a stirrer to place inside the drink or float on the drink.


Tarragon Garnish

Tarragon Garnish

Tarragon is the right choice of garnish, when you use tarragon in preparing the egg martini. Muddle the tarragon into the drink and place a fresh tarragon sprig inside the drink. Alternately float few tarragon leaves on the drink or chop fresh tarragon leaves to sprinkle.


Important Egg Martini Garnishing Tips

  • You can use hard-boiled egg or Easter egg to drop into the egg martini drink, as a garnish. Small sized quail egg is also another choice of favorite garnishing for egg martini.

  • For fruity garnishing ideas, prepare the garnishing fresh, just before serving the drink. The fresh taste and look of the martini depends on the freshness of the garnishes.

  • While using herbal garnishing ideas, thoroughly wash and pat dry with paper towel, before placing in the martini glass. You can substitute tarragon, with your choice of herbs like mint, basil etc.


Now you know, almost everything related to egg martini. For your next cocktail party, you can experiment with all these ideas to make it a great success.


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Beurtiful illustrations... inspiring
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An eggnog martini is a must-serve for the Christmas party at my home... the garnishing ideas are really innovative..!!
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Pretty Pictures! Please give the recipes too!
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Cookies floating on the martini sure sounds exciting! Can't wait to try it
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The strawberry garnish makes the drink more attractive and mesmerizing!
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but is egg really used in these martinis?
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Amazing pics....lovely compilation
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lovely garnishing ideas