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Strawberry Carving Ideas

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/strawberry flower carvingStrawberry roses and carvings can add pizzazz to any Sunday brunch or a dinner party for friends. Strawberry carving is done using a small sharp knife. It is the only tool required to make these lovely garnishes. Upon carving, strawberries resemble a real bright red rosebud and their green stems act as leaves. Here is how to carve a beautiful and eviable strawberry rose...


Tools Needed for Carving Strawberry


  • Small sharp knife

  • Strawberries


Simple Strawberry Carving Ideas


  • Buy fresh strawberries for carving. Make sure they are firm and free from bruises.


  • Hold the strawberry such that its point faces upwards. Starting from one-third portion of the entire strawberry, slice about 1/8-inch thick flaps on each of the four sides of the berry. Cut almost to the stem before stopping on each flap. Fold out the petals vaguely using your knife after carving them. Be careful as these petals must remain attached to the strawberry.


  • Reach a bit closer to the top of the berry to cut another string of four petals around the strawberry. These petals must be cut between the first row of petals. After the petals are carved, they must be folded out slightly with the knife such that they remain attached to the strawberry.


  • Carve a final row of strawberry petals over and under the second row of petals. These petals must also be folded out a little. The top point of the berry must remain uncut and you get a perfectly carved bright red strawberry rose.


Flower-themed strawberry carving can ideally be served as appetizers or purely decorative pieces. Strawberry garnishes lend any plain-looking dish an exceptional touch by adding a spunky color.


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