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Onion Carving Ideas

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carved onionOnion carving is an easy technique to master. The carved onions can be added as a garnish to an appetizer  or a dinner dish. It can be used as a centerpiece to adorn salads too. Once you learn the technique of carving onions nicely, you get an opportunity to portray edible decorations on   big occasions.


Tools Needed for Carving Onion

  • A paring knife
  • A cutting board


Simple  Ideas for Carving Onions

  • The onion’s bulb must be held between the thumb and forefinger. Hold it such that the rooted end of the onion aims downward.


  • Use a paring knife to make a incision through the middle of the of the onion bulb. Start from the top part of the bulb and leave a space of approximately1/16 inch over the rooted part at the onion’s bottom. Make sure that all the layers are not punctured. Just the first layer of the onion must be carved.


  • Now, the onion must be rotated in order to make the first incision on its opposite end.  The incision must be made in a similar fashion as in step 2. The onion needs to be rotated and the incisions  made on the remaining two sides as well. You will have you an onion bulb with four incisions on either side.


  • Carve the onion’s upper end with the tip of a sharp knife. The small angular portion must be chipped off from the onion’s top layer.


  • The top part of the onion bulb must then be incised with an "X" shaped slit with the help of the tip of the knife. This has to be on the top flat surface, from where the white part had been chipped off earlier.


  • The onion is dipped in a vessel of ice cold water. The onion bulb must then be faintly rolled between the fingertips. This results in slight sliding of the top layer of onion’s skin causing it to open in the form of a small blossoming flower. Refer to the video on “onion flower - salad carving” for further clarity.


You can experiment with different methods of onion carving to create interesting shapes. If you have some creative ideas, do share them with me.


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Onion Carving Ideas