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Mushroom Carving Ideas

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mushroomsMushrooms are available in different sizes and shapes and mushroom carving is not a difficult job at all. A little  guidance will help you to carve this versatile food properly and neatly.   They can be carved into different shapes to make salads and soups more attractive.


Tools Needed for Carving Mushroom

  • A sharp knife
  • A cutting board


Simple Ideas for  Carving Mushrooms

  • Buy 5-10 portobello mushrooms, depending on your requirement. First, wash them  thoroughly with warm water and allow them to dry in a sieve. Use a paper towel to pat them dry and remove any excess water.


  • The stems of the mushrooms are cut apart using a sharp knife. The cut must be made near the gills present underneath the cap of the mushroom. The mushroom caps are then arranged flat on a cutting board, with their inner side facing down.


  • The mushroom caps can be carved into desired shapes. If you want to eat some delicious vegetarian burgers, cut the mushrooms in circular pieces for making a patty. Those who want to use mushrooms in pizza or pasta sauce must cut the mushrooms in smaller chunks.


  • The carved out pieces of mushroom should be brushed with olive oil or vegetable oil and rolled slightly in a blend of spices, before cooking.


Mushroom Carvings: Tips and Warnings

  • The gill side of carved mushrooms may be filled with onions, cheese, chives, sun-dried tomatoes, parsley, or other stuffings. The mushrooms are then placed in a pan, with their cap side down and cooked for about five minutes.


  • Mushrooms which grow in gardens or wild areas, must never be picked for carving and consumption as they may contain toxins. Mushrooms must always be purchased from a reputed grocery store.


You can experiment and explore many other ways for mushroom carving. Refer to the video on “pine mushroom carve” for more ideas.


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Mushroom Carving Ideas