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Grape Martini Garnishing Tips

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Grape MartiniAre you planning to serve grape martini for your next cocktail party? In that case, you should know about the various garnishing methods by which you can decorate the glass of your favorite martini. Here, I am going to present few simple ways to serve the grape martini drink most exquisitely to your guests. Go through them, while you plan for the party.


To prepare the grape martini garnishes, you will require certain kitchen tools like paring knife, vegetable peeler, grater, melon-baller etc. Also, buy nicely carved stirrer set to secure the garnish on the martini.


Simple Grape Martini Garnishing Ideas

Grape Garnish

Grape Garnish

A bunch of fresh grapes adds most dramatic look to this beautiful and delicate grape martini. You can also drop few frozen grapes in the drink, to garnish. Alternately, use a stirrer or toothpick to pierce through multiple grapes and place the stirrer on the martini glass.


Lemon Garnish

Lemon Garnish

Lemon slice or lemon peel is a popular choice of garnish for the martini. Cut the lemon in variety ways to prepare different types of lemon garnish. Either, attach the lemon garnish on the glass rim, or put the garnish inside the drink with the help of a stirrer.


Watermelon Garnish

Watermelon Garnish

A watermelon ball can create a nice contrast with the light green colored grape martini. To infuse the watermelon flavor in the grape martini drink, muddle few watermelon pieces into it. Strain the drink in a chilled martini glass to serve. To garnish the watermelon grape martini, use a stirrer to pierce through few grapes and watermelon squares and place the stirrer inside the martini.


Important Grape Martini Garnishing Tips

  • Use fresh or frozen grapes to garnish the grape martini drink.
  • Gently handle the lemon garnishes, as these might taste bitter and can damage the martini drink.
  • Prepare the watermelon garnish and place them into freezer, before using. Frozen watermelon garnish makes the grape martini much more special.


Follow these handy garnishing tips to decorate the grape martini drink and serve to your guests for a gorgeous cocktail party.


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