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Tomato Carving Ideas

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carved tomato flower

Tomato carving is an easy technique. A carved tomato rose is usually used to decorate upscale dishes and garnish buffet-style serving platters. It is one of the most colorful ways to garnish an otherwise plain-looking dish. Try your hand at carving tomato roses for a brunch party by following the simple instructions given

Tools Needed for Carving Tomato

A sharp paring knife

A cutting board


Steps for Carving a Tomato 

  • Buy fresh, firm and bruise-free tomatoes. Wash them properly and dry them on a colander. In case, you do not have much time you can use paper towels instead.


  • Use a very sharp paring knife for carving tomato. Cut the tomato, just about 1/4 inch piece from the bottom and not the top. Let it remain connected to the tomato.


  • Now, turn the paring knife to start carving around the tomato. The top circle must remain intact and connected to the tomato’s side skin.  


  • Perform spiral-cutting of the tomato skin and cut it out in a single swirly strand. This process is similar to removing apple skin in one long swirl. The inner part of the tomato may be reserved for later use in a salad or for making  spaghetti sauce.


  • The non-circular end on the tomato skin must be folded 1/4 inch. The swirling tomato strand is then wrapped around the folded portion of the tomato. This results in creating a rose shaped tomato flower. The rose swirl is placed on the circle end of the tomato. This serves to be the base.


  • Tomato flowers are ready!


This technique of tomato carving will give you tomato rose flowers that can be used to garnish any dish or salad. Use bay leaves to form the leaves of the tomato flower. For more clarity on carving tomato roses, refer to the video on “how to carve a tomato rose".


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Tomato Carving Ideas