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Fish Carving Ideas

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carved fishThe method followed for fish carving plays a vital role in determining the the tenderness of the fish. Follow the steps mentioned below to retain maximum tenderness of fish. It not easy to carve fish but practice can help in gaining perfection. Read these simple steps carefully for learning how to carve fish.

Tools Needed for Carving Fish


  • Fish servers or a blunt knife
  • A cutting board


Simple Fish Carving Ideas


  1. Place the cooked fish on its side over a cutting board or a plate.


  1. If the is large, two cuts must be made – one at the top and other at the bottom. The top cut is behind the head while the second one is in the centre of the fish. Make sure that the incision is not made through the backbone. If the fish is smaller in size, just one cut behind the head is enough.


  1. Insert the knife into the first cut on the fish and slide it up to the second cut made on the fish. For a smaller fish, slide the knife up to its tail. This forms one portion.


  1. For the second part, the remaining flesh has to be lifted in the same way.


  1. Now, remove the backbone.


  1. The carved out flesh must be further divided into two parts.


Tips for Carving Fish


  1. Use a pointed knife that will help in carving fish cleanly and accurately.


  1. Put on gardening gloves when carving fish in order to protect your hands and grab the meat firmly.


  1. Do not dry out the fish completely while cooking else carving it will become very difficult.


This is one of the several other methods that can be used for fish carving. For further clarity on carving a fish, refer to the article on "how to carve a fish". You may share any other method for carving fish which helps to keep the tenderness intact after the flesh is carved.


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Fish Carving Ideas