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Apple Carving Ideas

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carved appleCarved apples can make any brunch or dinner party exceptional by adding a unique flair to centerpieces, trays as well as dinner plates. Apple carving can be in the form of flowers, doll’s face, cartoon characters, or animal’s face. Carved apples can either be served as appetizers or used as purely decorative pieces. When added to an otherwise plain-looking dish/dessert, carved apples tend to jazz it up. Just a few right flicks using a paring knife  will give you a perfectly carved apple. 


Things Needed for Apple Carving

  1. Vegetable peeler
  2. Apple (free from bruises)
  3. Sharp knife
  4. Cutting board


Simple Apple Carving Ideas

  • Peel the apple and neatly core it.


  • Make a mixture of 1-cup lemon juice and 1-tablespoon salt. Soak the peeled and cored apple in this mixture for about 15 to 30 minutes. This will prevent the apples from turning dark. 


  • Use a water based marker to draw any shape that you wish to carve on the apple.


  • Now, carve the desired shape following the pattern drawn on the apple using a sharp knife. Little errors will not appear prominently on the craved apple after the apple dries.


  • Once you are done with carving apple, soak it in lemon and salt mixture.


  • Use a dehydrator to dry the apples thoroughly.


This is a great apple carving method. For another carving method of apples, refer to the video on “apples turned into duck”. If you have other creative ideas for carving apples into different shapes, share them here.


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Apple Carving Ideas