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Mango Carving Ideas

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carving mangoWhether it is an evening picnic or a Sunday brunch, a beautiful mango carving centerpiece will surely help you earn appreciation from the guests. You must use the carving technique properly. Some carving techniques are very intricate making them difficult to be followed by beginners. On the other hand, there exists simple carvings  that can be easily created by beginners.  Follow the carving steps given below carefully; you will at least not have to wait for someone else to do this for you. You will be able to carve the mango impressively  yourself.


Things Needed for Carving a Mango


  1. Mango
  2. Carving knife
  3. Sharp knife


Simple Mango Carving Ideas


Here are some simple steps for making a mango moon flower.

  1. Pick up an unripe mango. It will be carved easily into a flower owing to its ripened state.
  2. Rinse the skin of the mango and then cut into two halves along its length.
  3. Make a circular cut in the flesh of the mango using a carving knife. Do this on one side.
  4. Cut eight petals in the mango initiating from the center circle.
  5. The flesh of mango must be removed from the bottom of each petal.
  6. Now very precisely make another layer of petals by starting carving them below the first layer. The flesh of the fruit must be removed from the bottom of this layer as well.
  7. Lift the mango flower gently apart from the remaining mango fruit.
  8. Two mango flowers can easily carved out from one mango half. You may be able to carve out more depending on the mango and the flower size you want. Use the mango flowers as plate garnishes or innovative cake adornments.


Tips for Carving Mango


  1. Use a knife that has pointed tip to carve the mango accurately.
  2. Wear gardening gloves while carving mango. This will protect your hands from the mess created while carving mangoes.



Enjoy the mango moon flower as it is or use it for garnishing! For more mango carving ideas, watch the video on “mangoflower” carving. 


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Mango Carving Ideas