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Carrot Carving Ideas

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carving carrot floersWho doesn’t like a dish well garnished and elaborately decorated? Well, one of the most colorful ways to garnish an otherwise plain-looking dish is by garnishing it with innovative carrot carving designs. The orange spunk of carrots is a welcome add-on to any dish, especially dishes which are not meant to be very spicy. Read on for some interesting carrot carving tips.

Tools Needed for Carrot Carving

Vegetable peeler


Cutting board


Simple Carrot Carving Ideas

Not as difficult a feat as it sounds; making carving carrot to make carrot flowers is actually very easy and can be done at home in very less time too. Besides garnishing dishes, carrot flowers can also be used as a part of vegetable salads. Here’s how to carve carrot flowers.


1. Take a washed and dried carrot.


2. Peel the carrot’s outer skin and cut its edges.


3. Place the carrot on a cutting board such that the vegetable’s wider part faces you.


4. Without cutting the whole carrot, make a V-like slice on the carrot towards you with a knife.


5. Turn the knife a quarter from where you made the first slice and make a similar V-like shape.


6. Keep repeating this till you have made V-shaped slices on almost every side of the vegetable.


7. Hold the narrow tip of the carrot and twist and turn the carrot slightly. A spiraling flower shaped carrot flower is ready for you.


This is an easy and quick carrot carving method. If you have other interesting and easy ideas for carrot carving, you may share them here.


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Carrot Carving Ideas