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Lamb Carving Ideas

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carving lambLamb carving to perfection demands a lot of attention. The method you apply to cut across the lamb goes a long way in determining the texture of the meat. Learn from this article how to carve lamb so that you can preserve its tenderness and juicy texture. Read on for more details.

Tools Needed for Lamb Carving


A cutting board

A carving knife

A meat fork


Simple Lamb Carving Ideas


  1. In first place, you must be aware of the cut of meat. If you are carving the leg of a lamb, cut from around the center bone. While if you want to carve the loin, you must cut between every rib bone section. This knowledge is very important.


  1. When cutting the leg or any other joint, you should cut across the muscle of the lamb meat. This will help to keep the meat tender. Do not carve the lamb in order to obtain long stringy chunks of lamb meat. This will take away its tenderness.


  1. Make sure that you cut towards the bone. Never cut into the bone. Cut the meat into wedges further and remove the meat that sticks to the bone. When cutting a loin or chops, you must cut between the chop and leave the bone.


  1. The shanks and the lower legs of the lamb must be kept whole. They are quite hard so they must be turned tender by boiling for some time. The shank can thereafter be served as a whole. The person who eats it will simply have to pull the pieces of meat from the bone.


Tips for Carving Lamb


  1. Use a knife that has pointed tip to carve the lamb cleanly and accurately.
  2. Wear gardening gloves while carving the meat. This will not only protect your hands but provide you a better grip too.
  3. Always cut the lamb across the grain. The meat will become hard if you carve with the muscle or grain.
  4. When the meat is roasted, make sure that you add plenty of liquid to it so that it does not dry out after being roasted. If this happens, it will become impossible to cut the meat.


Although, these steps and tips make lamb carving simpler, but if you still find carving a large piece of lamb a difficult task, it is better to buy loin or chops, which are comparatively easier to carve. For more clarity, refer to the video on “carving lamb”.


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Lamb Carving Ideas