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Turkey Carving Ideas

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steps for carving turkeyWhile we all love to eat turkey on Thanksgiving, not many of us can handle a knife properly when it comes to turkey carving. If you follow the steps given below carefully, you will at least not have to wait for someone else to do this for you. You will be able to carve the turkey by yourself.


Tools Needed for Turkey Carving

A normal steak knife will not be suitable for this job while a chef's knife may be a bit too bulky. A carving knife is perfect for the precise bladework that carving a turkey demands. You will also need a big wooden cutting board as well as a meat fork for this task.


Simple Turkey Carving Ideas

After roasting the turkey, give it at least 15 minutes to rest at room temperature. During this time, the juices within the turkey will spread evenly making it moist. Then wrap the bird with foil in order to keep it warm.


Now, eliminate the wishbone. Take some skin off from the turkey’s breast neck end. Then you will be able to see the meat properly. Poke the finger inside the cavity and cut around the wishbone. Eliminate the wishbone from the turkey now.


Next step is to carve the legs of the bird. Use the knife to slowly cut along the hip joint of the bird such that the leg is finally detached from its body. As soon as you get to see the separation, pull the leg from the joint to remove it completely. Cut off as much meat as possible by carving very close to the bones of the bird’s body. Feel the knee join of the bird with the finger and cut it from there. Then come to slicing the thigh meat. Hold it rigidly over the cutting board and slice pieces parallel to the bone. The same process has to repeat on the other leg.


Follow the traditional method of carving the turkey breast. Cut it along the breast bone. Angle the knife to slice the turkey meat far from the carcass. You will have to precisely cut through the wing joint. The breast will be easily detached from the body. The process must be repeated on the other side too.


Slice the breast of the bird upon removing the wing tips.


You will have perfectly carved turkey. For more information on carving turkey, refer to the video on "how to carve a turkey".



In some traditions, the wishbone of the turkey is actually used for making a wish. While making a wish, two individuals hold it from each end. Once the wish is made, both pull the bone from their ends and whoever manages to grab a bigger piece will have his wish come true. Some people also believe that the one to receive the shorter part of the wishbone will get married before the other person.


There are many other methods for turkey carving, but whichever method you choose make sure that it preserves the flavor and the texture of the turkey.


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Turkey Carving Ideas