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Watermelon Carving Ideas

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Watermelon is a very healthy fruit. It can be carved creatively. A watermelon basket, which is packed with fresh melon balls, forms an attractive centerpiece. Here’s how you can practice watermelon carving.


Things Needed for Watermelon Carving

  • Round Watermelon
  • Fresh melon balls
  • Toothpicks
  • Permanent marker
  • Knife
  • Melon Baller
  • Paring knife


Simple Watermelon Carving Ideas

  1. Take a round watermelon. Slice no more than 1/2 inch from its base so that it becomes stable. Decide the height of the carving and mark line all around the watermelon using a marker.


  1. Remove the unwanted top part of the fruit using a sharp knife.


  1. Remove the flesh from the remaining watermelon by using a melon baller. Also, prepare the fruit salad.


  1. Draw a smile using a marker and then carve out the eyes as well as the mouth using a knife.


  1. Use a flower cookie cutter to make some decorative flowers from the cutout of the watermelon.


  1. Use some sturdy toothpicks to attach these carved out flowers on the head of the watermelon. Form the buds on the on the flowers using the melon balls.




Tips for Carving Watermelon

  • The watermelon must be at room temperature when you begin carving it. If the fruit is cold, it will become difficult to cut it. If you wish to eat it chilled, chill it after you cut it. Serve it a little later. 
  • Use a sharp knife which has a pointed tip. The pointed the knife, the cleaner the carvings will be.
  • Protect your hands and attain a better grip while carving by using gardening gloves that come with gripper palms.
  • Choose a flat surface for working. Make sure that the base is solid.
  • For carving the design safely as well as accurately, you may use a drill instead of a knife.




  • While you attach the the sliced pieces on watermelon to make the design, make use of round toothpicks. Do not use flat toothpicks as they may break due to the weight of the chunk.
  • Be careful while you use the knife. foe more information on carving watermelon.


There are many other creative ideas that can be used for watermelon carving. However, this centerpiece will definitely help you gather appreciation.


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Watermelon Carving Ideas