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Chocolate Martini Garnishing Tips

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Chocolate Martini GarnishA sip of chocolate martini is the ultimate experience for all the chocolate lovers, including me. You can make your chocotini more attractive by using these interesting chocolate martini garnishing tips. There are so many exotic ways, by which you can garnish your chocolate martini drink. Here I am going to share some of my most favorite choices of garnishing for chocolate martini.


To prepare the garnish for chocolate martini, you should be ready with certain kitchen tools like cheese grater, vegetable peeler, sharp paring knife etc.


Useful Ideas on Garnishing Chocolate Martini

Chocolate Shaving

Chocolate Shaving Garnishing

Chocolate shavings are quite common garnishing for chocolate martini. To prepare the shavings, you will require a simple cheese grater. Grate the chocolate bar and collect the shavings. Sprinkle the shavings on the prepared drink. You can also use these shaving to rim the cocktail glass before pouring the drink.


Chocolate Curl

Chocolate Curl Garnishing

A vegetable peeler is the ideal tool for preparing the chocolate curls. Gently peel the chocolate bar to prepare long curls of chocolate. Place the chocolate curls on the martini, just before serving.


Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate Truffle Garnishing

Buy readymade chocolate truffles from your grocery store. While garnishing the chocolate martini, skew the truffles on a cocktail stirrer or toothpick and place in the martini glass. It is quite a simple idea on chocotini garnishing.


Chocolate Stick

Chocolate Stick Garnishing

This is also another simple idea of garnishing chocolate martini. You can buy a pack of chocolate sticks and store in refrigerator for this purpose. Simply place a choco-stick into the martini glass and serve to your guests.


Strawberry Slice

Strawberry Garnishing

The flavor of strawberry matches perfectly with the flavor of chocolate. Therefore, you can easily use strawberry slices for garnishing the drink. Slice the strawberry lengthwise with a sharp paring knife. Make a slit at the edge and attach the strawberry slice on the rim. You can also use any type of strawberry garnishing ideas, in this regard.


Cherry Garnish

Cherry Garnishing

Fresh, whole cherry is a common garnish for several martinis, including the chocolate version. Attach the cherry in a skewer or toothpick and place in the martini glass. Alternatively, you can slit the cherry a little to place on the rim. The simplest way to garnish with cherry is to float a single cherry on the heavy and dark chocotini drinks.


Orange Slice Garnish

Orange Slice Garnish

Slice orange in half-moons and place over the rim of the chocolate martini glass. You can also use other orange garnishing ideas like orange spirals, orange wheels, orange wedges or orange zests to garnish the drink.


Important Tips on Chocolate Martini Garnishing

  • While using a chocolate garnishing, try to prepare it just before serving. That way, you will get the best flavor of the chocolate.
  • In case, you want to prepare the chocolate garnishes in advance, then store it in an airtight container and place the container inside refrigerator.
  • The chocolate garnishing might melt down in hot or humid place. Therefore, always keep these away from heat.
  • If you want to use fruit garnishing ideas for the chocolate martini, then first, you should learn about the preferences of your guests. There are many, who prefer only chocolate garnishing for chocotini. Serving chocotini with a fruit garnish can damage their mood.
  • In case of fruit garnishing, always use chilled fruits and prepare the garnish fresh, at the time of assembling the drink.


Now you know a lot about garnishing the chocolate martini drink. For your next cocktail party, gear up with an array of garnishing to serve the chocotini, according to the choice of your guests.


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Chocolate Martini Garnishing Tips