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Seasoning For Potato Soup-How To Tips & Ideas

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Seasoning for Potato Soup

Are you searching for the information on seasoning for potato soup – here I am going to present some of the brilliant ideas on potato soup seasoning. A creamy potato soup is a hot favorite for many of us. You can make it more scrumptious in taste and flavor with these exciting seasoning ideas. Read on to learn more…


Easy Seasoning for Potato Soup

Parmesan Seasoning for Potato Soup

You would love this creamy and cheesy taste of potato soup, using the parmesan cheese seasoning. Use as much quantity of grated parmesan cheese, as you want. For additional flavor, you may add celery salt, onion salt, dried basil, sage, dried thyme, and black pepper. Top the soup with your favorite sausage or crispy bacons, before serving.


Hearty Garlic Seasoning for Potato Soup

If you love the flavor of garlic, then this seasoning is for you. To prepare the soup, substitute the usual salt with garlic salt and use plenty of fresh minced garlic and black pepper. Garnish the soup with fresh parsley and top with Italian sausage, if you want to add chunkiness to the soup. It is a wholesome recipe of potato soup, with strong hint of garlic.Potato Soup Seasoning


Best Seasoning for Potato Soup

This is a seasoning with several herbs and spices. You can prepare this seasoning and store in an airtight container for couple of months. The ingredients are chicken bouillon powder, ground cayenne pepper, dried thyme, celery seed, ground allspice, and mustard powder. In addition to this, you are required to use certain fresh seasoning items like fresh parsley, Worcestershire sauce, and dry white wine. Combine altogether to make a smooth paste and use for seasoning the soup. For extra taste, add onions and carrots and enjoy a rich bowl of creamy potato soup.


As an alternative, you can use any fresh herb for seasoning purpose. My simplest choice of herbs is coriander leaves. A spoon of chopped coriander is just sufficient seasoning for potato soup, when you have nothing readymade in your hand.


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Seasoning For Potato Soup-How To Tips & Ideas