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Korean Salad Dressing Ideas

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Korean Salad Dressing Ideas — Korean Salad If you plan to add some variety and imagination to your weeknight dinners, then these comforting Korean salad dressing ideas would delight you to the hilt! Adventurous yet satisfying, these irresistible salad dressings are heavily inspired from customary Korean cooking. A yummy combination of different spices, sauces, and wine vinegars, Korean dressings complements almost anything — from dainty salads to cold seafood to steamed or raw veggies and almost anything edible.



Top 10 Korean Salad Dressing Ideas



1. Sesame Dressing

There is absolutely nothing like flavorful red lettuce, crunchy peanuts, and zesty onions, dressed in nutty sesame dressing. For added kick, don’t forget to top your dressing with chili flakes.



2. Soy Chili Dressing

Soy Chili Dressing

Peppery, piquant, and mildly hot, soy chili dressing  flatters the freshness of spring vegetables and doubles up the zest of your salads enormously.



3. Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing

Incredibly rich and flavorful, the traditional oil and vinegar vinaigrette makes for a zesty inclusion to your green onion salad.



4. Spicy Korean Dressing

Spicy Korean Dressing

Enriched with fiery hot red pepper, nutty sesame, fruity apples, tart vinegar, zesty soy sauce, and garlic, this salad dressing goes best with ‘bibimap’, pork, chicken, or cold spicy noodles.



5. Soy Sesame Dressing

This spicy, zesty concoction of soy sauce, chili-garlic sauce, and olive oil is nothing less than a national favorite in Korea.



6. Rice Wine Dressing

Rice Wine Dressing

A staple ingredient in almost all Korean dishes, the fragrant, sweet-sour rice wine adds to the zing of any salads.



7. Honey Mustard Dressing

This dressing is so irresistible that you will be tempted to try it out over and again. Syrupy honey paired with piquant mustard gives this dressing its much-needed kick.



8. Yogurt Dressing

Yogurt Dressing

Both lemon and vinegar goes into the creamy yogurt dressing that is best relished with Korean delicacies involving rice, noodles, tofu, and veggies.



9. Soy Green Onion Dressing

To maximize the flavor of your salads, toss your greens into a flavorful dressing made with peanut oil, cider vinegar, soy sauce, green onion stems, honey, and spicy mustard.



10. Orange Sesame Dressing

Fueled by orange juice, cider vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, and toasted sesame oil, this luscious dressing enhances the juicy sweetness of your salads like nothing else.



Packed with sweet, sour, salty, and spicy ingredients, these Korean salad dressings almost explodes with flavor.


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Korean Salad Dressing Ideas