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Seasoning For Sushi-How To Tips & Ideas

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Seasoning for SushiTo prepare Japanese sushi at home, you need to have complete knowledge about what to do for seasoning for sushi. Seasoning is very important step in the process of sushi making, as this is what offers the original Japanese taste and flavor to the unique preparation. However, you might find it difficult as Japanese culinary style is still a field for research to many of us. Here are some easy sushi seasoning ideas, particularly for the beginners, with which you can gather some skill and experience in making sushi at home.


Simple Sushi Seasoning Ideas

Simple Sushi Seasoning

You can prepare this seasoning at home, with vinegar, sugar, salt and ginger. Generally, the proportion is 10 parts of vinegar with 8 parts of sugar, 1 part of salt, and 1 part of ginger. However, you can adjust the proportion of the ingredients according to your taste. Stir in the seasoning, only after the rice is cooked. You can discard the ginger slices later, if you do not like.


Mitsukan Sushi Seasoning

The Mitsukan sushi seasoning is one of the authentic ways to season the sushi rice. It contains only three ingredients and all of these are easily available. The constituents are rice wine vinegar, sugar, and salt. All these are to be mixed in right proportion and combined with cooked rice.

Sushi Seasoning


Temaki Sushi Seasoning

The Temaki sushi seasoning will provide a different taste to your sushi rice. This seasoning is made of vinegar, sugar, soyu sauce and Hanakatsuo or Bonito – the dried, fermented, and smoked tuna flakes. Combine the ingredients in right proportion and use for seasoning the sushi rice.


Mirin Sushi Seasoning

Mirin sushi seasoning is most commonly used to prepare sushi. It is a traditional Japanese seasoning, prepared with malted rice, glutinous rice, and shochu or distilled Japanese liqueur. You can buy this seasoning at any of the Oriental grocery stores and can use for seasoning your sushi rice. To add extra flavor, you can add soy sauce and Miso or fermented bean paste, along with Mirin.


If you find preparing a homemade seasoning for sushi too difficult, then you can always buy from outside. Many of the Oriental grocery shops should have these products. Alternately, you can order the products over the internet.


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Seasoning For Sushi-How To Tips & Ideas