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Celebrate Indian Independence Day @!

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Food for Indian Independence

"Share Your Favourite Dish That Signifies the Idea of Freedom"

15th August, India’s Independence Day is soon approaching and like every year it’s the time to ignite patriotism and joy.


We all have celebrated this day in your schools and colleges. The day, or I must say the entire week prior to I- Day was markedwith fun filled activities, competitions and what not…..


Why not let’s live this day together again and celebrate India’s 65th Independence Day at


So, let’s relate our independence, our freedom, with one of our most liked food item. It can be a dish or a drink and can belong to any cuisine.


So, here is what you have to do: Give the name of the food item which signifies Independence and also write why and how it does so. Becreative, colorful and if you want share the recipe too.

So what are you waiting for??? Just get set go...

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I really love to make a colorful sandwich containing cucumber, mashed potatoes, and carrots on this special day. The colorful sandwich adds vibrancy and color in my and my family members' life,hence spreading happiness and cheerfulness all around.
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So, my vote goes to Thiru Sadam (Curd Rice); this South Indian delicacy is one of my all-time favorites. Why? I relate the idea of freedom to the feeling of “being light, worry-free, settled and happy”. I think thairu sadam very well signifies these qualities – although not literally but in figurative sense! How? The perfect milk, curd and rice combo definitely makes this dish a light and worry-free accompaniment for any time of the day. Easy to digest, there is no way thairu sadam can unsettle your stomach! :) Now, I often throw in a few veggies and fruits to this – carrots, coriander, green grapes and nuts – all representing the colors of happiness!
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Hmmm....independence day for me means celebrating the tricolor in its fullest glory..right from breakfast. My favorite picks from the day's menu are Safed Pulau with Chicken Hariyali and of course, Gajar ka Halwa...I love My India and the truly Indian Flavors :-*
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Pani puri- Also known as golgappe, pani bhalle, puchkas andpani batashas. A pani puri looks tough from outside, similarly like ourdays before independence. Our freedom fighters fought for it and earned it forus. A batasha when goes into the mouth gets soft, is so full of flavor andtastes so amazing that one keeps saying “ek aur de do”. Isn’t the taste truly fulfillinglike our independence? We enjoy it so much and love it. Jai Hind and Happy Independence Day!
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As freedom came after a long and hard struggle of our veterans, it is the sweetest element in the life of all Indians. I would like to celebrate it with none other than the traditional Indian Laddu which is the sweetest and the most revered dessert dish of the Indian cuisine. The round shape, to me, signifies Mother Earth, which we Indians are going to rule over one day, not be military power,but by our immensely affectionate hearts. The yellow/saffron color, to me, is a symbol of vibrant energy which we need to identify within ourselves and unleash it for doing good to humanity in this strife-torn world. By Indian traditions, a laddu is given as a reward when someone does something worthwhile. This day I want to enjoy my freedom, in another way too...freedom from the thoughts that the Laddu is made of high-calorie ingredients, I am going to gain weight, etc. etc. Guys, if you gain weight, it is not the food, but you who are to blame. Anything consumed in the appropriate amounts does not cause any harm and anything consumed in excess is poison. Please visit for know more about the Laddu.
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Wow such an amazing mouth was actually watering while reading ur post....and yes laddus have a relation with this special day...remember eating them in school:)
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A dosa with orange, white, and green chutneys [tomato, coconut, and mint] would be my choice along with some tasty rice kheer garnished with orange and green tutty fruity in the shape of Indian national flag!
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My favorite Indian food that symbolizes Independence day is Tandoori Chicken tikkas and Malai Chicken tikkas threaded on skewers alternately with green and orange bell peppers and onions accompanied with lemony mint chutney. This makes a wonderful appetizer for your Independence Day celebrations, all in the spirit of joy and pride of being a free nation.
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Independence for me signifies the first day of my job and on that day, my mother made me my favorite meal, i.e., rajma-chawal. Since that day, whenever I am feeling low or bogged down by the problems in life, I cook myself this simple meal and I am back on track. To have a taste of this delicious meal, visit
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Independence Day for me meant getting up early to watch the parade and since it was a holiday, my mom made me anything I asked for. I particularly loved her neer dosa or white rice pancakes. She served these with green chutney and a zingingly hot orange chutney powder....Surprisingly when I decided to make the pancakes, they were ridiculously easy to prepare. I follow the recipe provided here but do let me know any variations that are being used. Would love to connect with anyone else who prepares Mangalorean leave a line here for me.
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To all the Indians, Independence Day is a day for unlimited joy and fun, in all respects. Being a Bengali, I can relate this special day to some of our special cuisines like Ilish Machher Paturi (Hilsa Mustard Curry), Panthar Mangshor Jhol (Mutton Curry), Khichuri & Ilish Machh Bhaja (Khichdi with Hilsa Fry) etc. I still remember, in my childhood days I used to see a long queue in front of the Butcher's shop for buying good and tender Mutton, in the morning of the Independence Day. Things have changed much and these days we are more cautious about diet and health - for which we usually avoid these high-cholesterol foods. But, still for this particular day, I would love to be independent in selecting and enjoying my favorite Bengali cuisine - Mutton curry with steaming rice, without giving a thought to diet and health. Happy Independence Day to all my friends at ifood!!!
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Independence day incites a great sense of pride and jubilation inside me and backed by it I would indulge in dishing out the choicest of holiday treats. To begin with a special giant Independence day Pizza with topping of cheese(generously),olives, tomatoes, chopped green bell peppers, crunchy onions and baby corn. Hyderabadi Falooda with lots of nuts. Gajar ka halwa. Manchurian.hmm the list goes endless. Have a feasty independence day!!
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Independence Day definitely means celebrating with food that you love the most. Nothing gets me salivating more than Indian street food. Making it at home makes it that much more delicious. Making pani puri at home can be a little challenging but if the puris are little hard, just buy the store bought ones. The stuffing can eb made at home with either potato or yellow peas (vatana). Add some chat masala to it and it's ready. For the water, just use some mint paste, and jal jeera water to make a delicious concoction.
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My independence day dish is always the special 'tri-color fried balls' prepared by my mom. This dish is easy to make and healthy as well. with the goodness of carrot, spinach and cottage cheese; these balls exhibits all the colors of 'Indian flag'. Hey guys have a look at the recipe
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Great going to try it tomm'
Celebrate Indian Independence Day @!