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Greek Salad Dressing Ideas

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Greek Salad Dressing Ideas — Greek Salad A salad lover had rightly said, “There is no salad like Greek salad.” Forget dolmades, souvlaki, and tzatziki! Now play up your supper fare with luscious ‘horiatiki salata’ drizzled with flavorful Greek salad dressings. A heavenly blend of olive oil, white vinegar, fresh lemon juice, dried whole oregano, and garlic, you could pass on these delectable dressings as dips too. Trail this list of Greek salad dressing ideas and belly up for a flavorful fiesta, a la Greek style!



Top 10 Greek Salad Dressing Ideas



1. Balsamic Greek Salad Dressing

Rustle up this quick, warm, balmy Grecian salad dressing using balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, garlic, olive oil, and pepper.



2. Creamy Dressing

Creamy Dressing

Enjoy your classic Greek salad with this tasty, creamy dressing whipped up using mayo, red-wine vinegar, plain yogurt, and sesame oil.



3. Citrus Dressing

Show off your culinary expertise with these easy to make citrus dressing that pairs well with Greek-style tuna salad.



4. Mediterranean Dressing

Mediterranean Dressing

This Mediterranean-inspired delicious dressing packs in a flavorful combo of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and delicious seasoning.



5. Blue Cheese Dressing

Create your own wonder-salad using blue cheese dressing that any day makes for an excellent accompaniment with mixed greens and yogurt salad.



6. Spicy Cucumber Dressing

Spicy Cucumber Dressing

Treat your taste buds to something really sumptuous with this Greek-inspired spicy cucumber dressing. Fresh, crunchy cucumbers combined with spicy mayo vinaigrette lend the right amount of flavor and heat to any side dish.



7. Yogurt Greek Dressing

Bring in the goodness of yogurt to the table with this zingy, creamy classic yogurt Greek dressing that blends in Greek yogurt, flaked sea salt, Dijon mustard, olive oil, and seasonings.



8. Oregano Dressing

Oregano Dressing

Inspired from the Greek-style, this flavorful oregano dressing is easy to whip up and tastes absolutely divine when devoured with colorful mixed-veg salad.



9. Lemon Tofu Dressing

This versatile dressing melds in the contrasting flavors of lemon and tofu and leaves your palate with a zesty zing.



10. Classic Greek Dressing

Nothing beats this classic Greek style vinaigrette when it comes to sampling something really basic but sumptuous. A zesty addition to your ‘horiatiki salata’ any day!



Pick your favorite from the aforementioned Greek salad dressing ideas or create your own traditional vinaigrette, a la Greek style. Just remember to use the freshest of ingredients and use mild, mellow flavors.


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Anonymous's picture
Greek salad with a perfect dressing can beat any salad in the world. I like all the dressing ideas, though, creamy dressing and blue cheese dressing are my favorites!
FitGal's picture
I personally prefer lighter dressings for my salad because otherwise, the whole principle behind eating salad gets defeated.
PriyankaPoddar's picture
the dressing options are too good! I in fact, have alreayd tried greek yogurt dressing with this horiatiki salata. My greek friend had tossed it up that way. Loved it. Will suggest her the
Rashmi Ambadkar's picture
Being a salad lover, glad to read about the appetizing Greek salad dressings!! yummylicious ....
Anonymous's picture
I love Greek Salad... and with these lip-smacking dressing ideas, I am sure it is going to be difficult for me to resist...!!!
delicious.bites's picture
I avoid salads coz they appear to be bland...but after reading about these appealing and tasty dressing, I am all set to try them.
Samina.Tapia's picture
These can also be used as dips instead of dressings?! I like my salads without dressing as they get soggy but if eating crudites, then these are perfect.
vijay's picture
I like to add some extra egg yolk in my dressings, it thickens everything, just the way I like it.
oatmeal's picture
An interesting blog on salad dressing.
Anonymous's picture
Salads are my favorite, when dressed my weakness. Yogurts are a common ingredient in Greek salads and they truly make the salad divine. Nice read..keep posting.
vijay's picture
You can use almost any herb to liven them up. chili powder and cumin are great for a little spice. Parmesan cheese goes great too!
foodiefreak's picture
WOW, this page is one stop for all my salad recipes, didn't know so many varieties of dressings can be made.
thot4food's picture
The Blue Cheese dressing sounds heavenly! Can you please let me know whether I have to crumble it or just slicing it would bring out the flavor of combined salad greens and cheese. Thanks.
barbecue's picture
awesome post on salad dressing.. extensive research has been done...wonderful blog!
foodietweetie's picture
Wonderful post. I am health concious and except cheese and cream dressings all dressings are perfect for my diet. Thanks!
Deez's picture
Dressings are what set Greek salads apart from other salads of the world! Thanks for sharing such detailed information on the yummy yet healthy Greek salad dressings!
ShakunS's picture
Are all these dressings low calorie/low fat?
foodpsychologist's picture
Thanks for these wonderful salad dressing ideas.
Greek Salad Dressing Ideas