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Seasoning For Salsa-How To Tips & Ideas

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Seasoning for salsa

There is an array of choices for preparing the perfect seasoning for salsa, many of which are capable of turning this versatile dish into an explosive culinary indulgence. You can definitely buy seasonings with unique ingredients, but there is something special about the homemade salsa seasoning. The most useful side of homemade salsa seasoning is that you can adjust the proportions of the ingredients, according to your taste. Read on to learn about some exotic salsa seasoning ideas, which you can easily prepare at home.


Exotic Salsa Seasoning Ideas

Simple Salsa Seasoning

The simple salsa seasoning requires only few ingredients and these are easy to avail in the super markets. You will need only dried cilantro, garlic powder, dried chopped onion, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper, to prepare this mix. You can prepare the seasoning in advance and store in an airtight bag or can prepare just before serving the salsa.


Tacos Style Salsa Seasoning

This easy-to-make seasoning is just ideal for your salsa and you can use it to season various other items, as well. The ingredients are flour, minced onion, chili powder, paprika, salt, cumin, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, sugar, and ground oregano. Combine all these ingredients as per your taste and then mix with the salsa.


Jalapeno Salsa Seasoning

Your salsa might taste bland, without the use of jalapeno pepper. However, many people cannot tolerate these hot peppers. Therefore, it is better to use jalapeno, in limited amount. Nevertheless, jalapeno definitely makes the salsa to taste more original and spicy. To prepare this hot and spicy salsa seasoning, you will require the following items – salt, lime juice powder, green bell pepper, tomato powder, Jalapeno pepper, sugar, cornstarch, onion, garlic, and vinegar.


Mexican Salsa SeasoningSalsa seasoning

Salsa is from Mexico and this Mexican salsa seasoning can be considered as the most original choice of seasoning. The basic ingredients of Mexican style salsa seasoning are ancho chili pepper, chipotle pepper, black pepper, flake salt, cayenne, garlic, onion, bay leaf, cumin, Mexican oregano, cilantro, chives, and sugar. Mix these ingredients in proper quantity and make your salsa taste just lip smacking.


Tropical Salsa Seasoning

It is a rich and spicy salsa seasoning made with all kinds of tropical spices. These tropical spices have unique flavors, which make the salsa exotic and delicious. The ingredients are minced onion, minced garlic, minced ginger, bell peppers, coriander powder, cumin powder, chili powder, sugar, and salt. While adding this seasoning to your salsa, do not forget to garnish with fresh cilantro leaves for extra flavor.


There can be hundreds of ways to season and prepare your salsa. I find these salsa seasoning ideas quite easy and quick to try at home. You can also start experimenting with spices and herbs, to make your salsa more exotic than before.


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priyam's picture
I am a salsa person and these tips are very useful...thanks a lot...
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Salsa dip makes a great party food. These are great seasoning ideas. Could you give links to the proportion of the various spices and ingredients in the Mexican salsa and Tropical salsa seasoning. Also can I bottle these seasonings for later use?
Rashmi Ambadkar's picture
This blog about the Exotic Salsa Seasoning Ideas are simply great!! Iam fond of hot and spicy salsa dips. Jalapeno Salsa Seasoning and Mexican Salsa Seasoning are a must try for salsa lovers...
thot4food's picture
Tropical works for me. thank you very much.
Anonymous's picture
This seasoning article is very helpful to me. Today I am making salsa and this article helped me a lot to decide which seasoning to add in my recipe. Thank you very much!!
oatmeal's picture
My vote goes for spicy rich Tropical Salsa Seasoning...
delicious.bites's picture
Yummy salsa seasonings!!!
Anonymous's picture
I really like this line "The most useful side of homemade salsa seasoning is that you can adjust the proportions of the ingredients, according to your taste." and this is true
foodietweetie's picture
Yummy!! liked your write up :)
Anonymous's picture
Salsa is my favorite....and simply irresistible...would love to have the recipes too...
FitGal's picture
I personally like mexican salsa seasoning very much but someone please tell me, how to make this seasoning less hot.
chefgirishparab's picture
Warm Pita bread with spicy tomato salsa, I just love it ..... but using these salsa seasoning should help enhance the flavor....
Gourmet.lover's picture
Totally droolworthy ideas. I'm gonna try the Mexican salsa soon...
ShakunS's picture
Great seasoning ideas! Is it possible to purchase seasoned salsa? If yes, could someone please share names of a few popular manufacturers? Thanks!
colorsandspices's picture
@ShakunS - Salsa tastes best, when it is freshly made. You will get several brands of readymade salsa in most of the supermarkets, but the flavor of homemade salsa is always incomparable. However, you can always season the canned salsa to liven up the taste and flavor.
Seasoning For Salsa-How To Tips & Ideas